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POSCO Making Lighter, Stronger Steel for Electric Vehicles

posco EV1 300x199 POSCO Making Lighter, Stronger Steel for Electric VehiclesSo far we’ve been used to having companies focus on the battery of electric vehicles and improving their range. This time POSCO takes a different approach and comes up with a lighter steel for the carcass. The South-Korean steelmaker called it the POSCO Concept Electric Vehicle, a combination of its good-quality materials and technological know-how.

So what makes it so light? The PBC EV steel brings together an ultra-strong steel – the company’s “specialty,” more resistant, flexible and 40% more dense than the steel usually used in car manufacturing. What makes it “shine” is the hot press forming and multi direction roll forming the company applies to the steel as newly developed methods.

The good news doesn’t stop here: since these methods aren’t very different from what the company already uses, the price of an EV won’t scare away any interested buyers, while still emitting half the greenhouse gas of regular cars.

And POSCO doesn’t think small, either: it recently donated KRW 20 billion and also earthquake-resistant steel to the construction of a four-story energy efficient office building and a three story residential building, set to cut emissions by 1 million tons a year.

[via SteelGuru]

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