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Forze VI – Fuel Cell Race Car to Compete in Dutch Caterham Cup

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Forze VI Hydrogen Fuel Cell Race Car – Could be Certified to Run the Caterham Cup in Denmark

The Dutch Caterham Cup is a Lotus 7 race league. These cars weigh in at just 1,212 pounds and are powered by 200hp engines. There should be a newcomer this year, one with a completely different powertrain, a hydrogen fuel cell and electric motors. The Forze VI hydrogen fuel cell race car has been under development for a number of years now, this latest iteration realizing a sextupling [six times] in peak power, which could make it a contender with the diesel-powered Lotus 7s in the rest of the league.

The Forze VI fuel cell race car will have to comply with all league rules excepting power and weight, including safety systems and aerodynamics. The Forze VI is about 500 pounds heavier than the Lotus 7, owing to the fuel cell pack’s size, and peak power is rated at 268hp. The power-to-weight ratio is fairly close, which will make for an interesting race, but where I believe the Forze VI will really shine is in the demonstration of torque, which in an electric motor is instant-on from zero rpm.

Additionally, since the Forze VI is a fuel cell vehicle, it doesn’t have any carbon dioxide emissions. The diesel-powered Lotus 7 race cars in the rest of the league cannot beat that. Can they beat the Forze VI in the Caterham Cup races? If the Forze team is certified to run, it looks to be an interesting series.

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