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Survey Finds Optimism Surrounds Renewable Energy Sector

Renewables 300x225 Survey Finds Optimism Surrounds Renewable Energy SectorDespite increasing cynicism about clean energy, the renewable energy sector is alive and well and has a notable trust premium over other forms of energy.

The Edelman Trust Barometer survey asked the opinions of 31,000 global respondents, and 68% said they trust the energy renewable business to operate with integrity, as opposed to 58% or natural gas, 53% for utilities, and 49% for oil.

Traditional energy competitors are being left in the dust as renewable energy is gaining a 10 point lead.

China and India place high trust in renewable energy. This is unsurprising due to the high government support of renewables in those countries. In China and India, the middle class is growing by leaps and bounds, and alternative energy sources allow those countries to meet the ever rising energy demand in a way that is cost effective and more efficient.

Shockingly, Germany and Japan, 63% and 66% respectively, have lower trust in renewable energy. In Germany, renewable energy has graduated to the ‘big energy’ establishment which may make people more skeptical. Post-Fukushima Japan has seen a less trusted renewable energy market.

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