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Residential Homes More Energy Efficient, Thanks to Energy Research Group

Basque Homes 300x224 Residential Homes More Energy Efficient, Thanks to Energy Research GroupThe quality of homes and other existing buildings in Europe may be improved thanks to the ENEDI (Energy in Building) Group of the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country, an autonomous community of northern Spain.

ENEDI is working with the criteria set in place by European directives on thermal insulation, energy efficiency of buildings, general energy saving, habitability, durability, sustainability, and functionality to create homes and other buildings with the most energy efficiency possible.

The ENEDI Group is comprised of nine PhD holders, seven from the Department of Thermal Engines and Motors, two from the Department of Materials Engineering, six non-PhD holder lecturers in the Department of Thermal Engines and Motors, and six PhD students.

An experimental installation is currently being constructed, and it will be used to test new energy technologies that might be used in building construction over the coming years.

ENEDI’s research is focused on helping the Housing Department of the Government of the Basque Autonomous Community. The previous government administration published Plan Revive and provided grants to nearly 700 apartment owners to retrofit their apartments to make them more energy efficient. ENEDI helped the government determine what measures needed to be taken.

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