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TABBY: The DIY Open-Source Electric Vehicle That You Build in an Hour

urbantabby.jpg.662x0 q100 crop scale Copy 300x200 TABBY: The DIY Open Source Electric Vehicle That You Build in an HourAs automobile technology becomes more complex and proprietary, the task of building your own vehicle becomes a tall order. Expensive and time-consuming, DIY cars are currently the realm of only the most dedicated and knowledgeable among us.

This all could change, and in a big way, with the help of automobile company, OSVehicle. With two models currently in development, the TABBY and the Urban TABBY, OSVehicle may have just laid the groundwork for the first truly viable DIY electric cars on the market.

What makes these designs so impressive is their user-friendly affordability and commitment to open-source technology.

The TABBY, which was the original design, offers blueprints and plans for download, allowing users to dynamically improve aspects of the car and share them with other enthusiasts. Just like we have seen over the past twenty years with the internet, open-source is where innovation occurs, and the TABBY offers a platform for those with the ability, to combine forces and use each others ideas to help create something truly amazing.

The Urban TABBY is the fruit of this labor, offering a street-legal vehicle kit with the option for an electric drivetrain or an integrated hybrid engine. It takes all regulations into account, and lends itself to modification and customizations, an aspect of life that is becoming more and more popular as people begin to embrace technology that allows for such tinkering.

And here is the kicker, you can build one in less than an hour! Now THAT is ingenuity. This is what happens when information is open and people can use their creativity and problem solving skills. We have such rich human capital in society, and open-source projects like TABBY show how powerful a community can be if they put their heads together.

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