A REAL and WORKING Magnetic Motor Spinning Indefinitely

Working Magnetic MotorOk, I saw this on Gizmodo (unexpectedly), and despite the fact that I’ve been blogging for five years now I’ve never actually seen something this amazing – the famous magnetic motor spinning by itself indefinitely, like this video shows.

Now, I don’t think there’s any trick involved, there couldn’t be, could it? Just watch the whole movie. If you see anything suspicious, let me know.

Magnetic motors have always fascinated me. I’ve even endorsed schematics of magnetic motors hoping that someday, someone will find the proper recipe and post it on youtube without being called names and accused of scamming people.

Of course, those magnets you see in the video will eventually wear out in years, but the concept is great – it could be applied even further with stronger magnets. Just see the video and shout your opinions out. I urge you to.

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  • jargshon

    Hey I was wondering what that thing is with metal loop circles around it with a ball or something in the middle of it there may not be a ball in it but I know it’s a model and it sets up and spins

  • Todd

    This is fake, what you dont see is the compressed air blowing on it to spin it. you can clearly see it slow down right before the video ends.

  • DarinSelby

    valveman00 gemmakermz Do you want to get something for nothing?  Then tap into that big ole fireball in the sky and artificial photosynthesis, storing the hydrogen gas.

  • RicepullernahiPartynahi

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  • http://myridia.com/ veto64

    i would like to buy a small moter like this for fun.
    is there anywhere a site where i can buy those small devices.
    i don’t have the time to do the handicrafts by myself.
    thanks for link

  • AdrianDwerryhouse

    so rather then the two i’ll call them kick magnets top and bottom would having more, ie: either side, increase the speed or help with smoother spin.

  • pablo

    Would like to add some info here if it helps.  All of the magnets in that device operate in the repulsion mode.  The top magnet is polarized at its ends and repels the “armature” magnets.  The repulsion is strongest for the most widely spaced spaced armature magnets and weakest for the narrowest spacing.  If the top magnet were not raised, the armature would abruptly stop rotating at the transition from narrowest to widest spacing.  However, when top magnet is moved upward by the cam at the transition point, it is also repelled in the upward direction by the widely-spaced magnets.  As the armature passes that point, gravity pulls the magnet downward, repeating the cycle.  Note a similar process for the cam-operated shorter magnet at the bottom of the armature.  The magnets are all neodymium-iron-boron.  It would take thousands of years for them to be demagnetized down to half power.

  • 1971xz

    THE PLAN:http://linoavac.no.sapo.pt/exafilar.jpg
    detail equivalente PLAN: http://linoavac.no.sapo.pt/electrorepulsion2.jpg

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    vídeo explain principle OF PLANS :https://www.youtube.com/embed/9FsFNbx0AWE
    it is kick magnet by coil in the jump

  • 1971xz

    THE PLAN:http://linoavac.no.sapo.pt/exafilar.jpg

    educational site and plans
    learn for all
    vídeo explain principle :https://www.youtube.com/embed/9FsFNbx0AWE
    it is kick magnet by coil in the jump

  • jamiepusceddu

    ahahahahahah! I’ve just seen the oak on google. It was like I suspected. No Nobel price this time but a very good oak though!

  • jamiepusceddu

    I read more comments and someone argued that the motion is produced by the white weight being dropped down after having been lifted by an external force (the experimenter’s hand). That makes sense but you have to account for frictions there too so the device should stop at some point and it doesn’t in any reasonable time in the video so I believe there is a trick. Some external hidden power sources like a compressor or airflow. But it’s very well disguised I must admit. By all accounts if such a device works the author should be applying for a Nobel prize. Why doesn’t it come out for the honour?

  • jamiepusceddu

    I’m thinking: wouldn’t be possible that the video is genuine but as soon as you start to extract some power from the device you stop it so it doesn’t run any longer? I’m not versed in Physics so don’t make fun of me. I know this is against the 2 principle of Thermodynamic

  • 1971xz
  • 1971xz

    educational site and plans
    learn for all

  • valveman00

    gemmakermz  Gravity is magnetic?  Where did you get that idea?

  • gemmakermz

    for those whom say not posible to make a magnetic motor– your living on one. our solar syster is run/controlled by magnetic forces. the earth itself is a magnetic motor, its been running for a VERY long time taking 24hrs to revolve and 365 days for the travel around the sun. dont forget gravity is also magnetic in a different form. so mag motor already exists, now put your brains to work and make one that will put the oil barons out of buisnes.

  • 1971xz

    educational site and plans
    learn for all
    video :https://www.youtube.com/embed/9FsFNbx0AWE
    it is kick magnet by coil in the jump

  • LiveLikeNo1

    I was imagining how you could advance the timing of the upper magnet in order to create much more momentum. This seems like a reality to me.

  • botwire

    Your not creating energy, it’s is changing forms. Magnetic energy to mechanical energy. As long as the momentum has enough energy to lift the bar magnet to complete the cycle it would work. If lifting the bar magnet uses up all the stored momentum energy, it will not work.

  • dwkthedogbreaths

    Isn’t there a film of a guy who has a larger magnetic engine driving his car. 90 per cent of the energy drives the wheels and lights etc and the extra one p.c goes to keep the engine running. I’ve seen film of his car driving across America and wold be very sad if it was a hoax. He will send details of how to build one if his engines to anyone who cares t write to him.

  • Chris

    In the description on the Youtube page for that video, the uploader added the following, explaining it to be a hoax:

    “ACTUALIZACIÓN (20/03/2013) En las fotos se observa que tiene un compresor de aire:
    Gracias por los comentarios.
    El aparato tiene un compresor de aire encima, dando la ayuda necesaria para que gire.
    It has an air compressor above it.”
    Google Translate:
    “UPDATE (20/03/2013) In the photos is seen to have an air compressor:
    Thanks for the feedback.
    The apparatus has an air compressor on top, giving the necessary help to rotate.
    It has an air compressor above it.”

  • http://www.jerewindependentresearch.com/ LoneWolffe

    scarednick true, adding energy to the system, lifting the magnet by hand, points out exactly why this won’t work.

  • scarednick

    Well from where I (sit) there are “linear motors” and “linear motors”. Which ones do you reckon work?

  • scarednick

    REALLY? Indefinitely? 5 seconds? Sorry old thing this video has been around far longer than Feb 2013 and has been debunked by millions (although grasped at by …sadly….many more). It is a hodge-podge (as are sthe majority of these either fraud or crackpot claims) of “stuff that does work”..that illustrates nothing, “stuff that LOOKS as if it works” (which may or may not support the final claims) and….utter garbage, which IS used to support the final claims. You are obviously looking for that5 pot of gold and it MAY be found, but I doubt that ib these days it will be in a garage. Those days have passed.

  • scarednick

    You guys are talking about two different things. Yves is talking about manually lifting and lowering the magnet, which _arguably_ makes that machine work, I want to see a real demo and try for myself….Lone, you are talking about the cam-operated one. It does not work and is a fake. And it IS doing work…anything that moves requires energy, so IF that machine actually kept going, WITHOUT outside energy applied, it would be creating energy. Bujt we see a few seconds of video (hardly perpetual) of a machine that has quite erratic speeds, while supposedly under the influence of a constant force (its own system).

  • scarednick

    But surely the “motor” can run backwards if you use repulsion intsead of attraction. But yes I agree that the last one is a fake, because (apart from the obvious)  I have DLd this video and looked at it frame by frame, confirming what seems to happen: the rotor changes speed erratically throughout….and not just over each revolution.

  • Bob the Builder

    from Bob the builder…  Didn’t anyone notice that the working model in the video was running backwards?  The principle of the hand powered model is that the magnets want to be closer together, so in the influence of the metal bar that closes the magnetic field, the force pulling the magnets toward the bar rotates the drum to the place where the magnets are closer together.  Picudo is correct about where the energy comes from in the hand powered model.  The working model is obviously a fake, easily done with a jet of air or some more complicated method.  On another note:  permanent magnets don’t run down, that’s why they are called permanent!  Heat will damage them by melting the structure and collapsing the alinement, but making them do work, if possible, wouldn’t damage them.

  • Picudo Jones

    The energy to move the wheel simply comes from the kinetic energy of the moving hand, not “from” magnetism.   If the person did not move the magnet the Wheel wouldn’t move.  It’s simply like pushing the Wheel with your hand, only through magnetic forcé.  No strange miracle here.

  • QuantumSlipstream

    Interesting, however the magnets themselves unless “recharged” using a renewable source just become a form of energy storage.
    One possible workaround would be the use of a radioactive isotope such as 63Ni in the magnet to continuously regenerate the field..

  • http://www.jerewindependentresearch.com/ LoneWolffe

    Yves Laurin that’s why it looks so compelling. i think i would try to change the cam arrangement, which seems to take too much away from the motion of the rotor. perhaps some shielded portion of the top magnet? i don’t know.
    on the other hand, even IF this works, what good is it unless you can attach something to it to make use of the motion? unless that happens, it remains a visual oddity. :/

  • Yves Laurin

    In a way it make sense, he start with a linear motor, we all know it does work, the problem happen when you fold it to make it round, as it reach the end/start point, it will normally just stop there and that is why he his lifting the other magnet, if the force to lift the magnet is small compare to the momentum, it could work in theory

  • JPRichardson

    Sorry, this is fake. And I do not work for some evil corporation, it is just that magnets do not produce work.

  • TracyMGreen

    Genius, however how to create enough force to convert to energy that can be used.  It will need to be 100 tines larger.  A perpetual turbine.

  • sjors

    question is: isnt the energy thats needed to magnetize magnets greater than the energy we see here in movement?