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Mitsubishi Launches M and G i-MiEV Versions for All Pocket Sizes

I didn’t actually think this would happen, but some electric car manufacturers such as Mitsubishi reduce the range of their cars by reducing battery capacity to meet consumer demands. The Japanese car maker will soon release two new variations on the i-MiEV model: the cheaper M version and the more expensive, but more grid-independent G version.

Nissan Sold More Leaves Than Chevrolet Sold Volts in First Half of 2011

Although I don’t quite see how one can truly compare any gasoline or hybrid car with a pure electric one in terms of market and customer targeting, it looks like the Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt have something in common. Nissan’s recent sales reports nevertheless say that the Leaf has outperformed the Volt in the first half of 2011.

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) System to Debut in Denmark, Pays Users $10,000 For Service

EVs are not so common these days, but if they make enough financial sense, we’ll see them flooding cities soon enough. As Denmark is currently the country which profits the most from wind power, Nuvve, the U.S.-based company that created the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) system, has announced that it will start using Denmark’s electric vehicles as buffers for stabilizing the grid frequency, Cleantechnica reports.

Dutch Nissan Leaf Drivers Complete 24 Hours Marathon

Two Dutch electric car enthusiasts took their Nissan Leaf for a 24 hour drive just to prove the world that you can go for 779.19 miles in such a vehicle without problems and with the least amount of money spent (they don’t have highway taxes in the Netherlands). They said they were doing it out of curiosity.

Lack of Spare Tire an Issue With Existing and Future Electric Cars

I never though about it, but it seems (and it makes sense to be so) that current electric and plug-in hybrid cars don’t feature a spare tire anymore. Every other car on the road has it, and only I can tell a few instances when I was literally saved by the spare tire in my trunk, although it’s that small model.

HomePlug's EV Charging Standard Adopted by German Automakers

Several German automakers have reached an agreement towards the future standard for EV charging. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen all agreed on HomePlug’s Green PHY charging technology, which is able to send data over high voltage cables, simplifying the circuitry.

Renault Installs 60 MW of Solar Power For France Facilities

In order to decrease their carbon footprint and to raise the public awareness that they’re actually doing something for the environment besides producing electric cars, Renault has decided to install a 60 MW solar array on its centers in several locations from France.

Electric Cars Will Account For 70% Reduction of Chronic Lung Illnesses

The impact electric cars will have on humanity and our lifestyles will not only be at an economical level, but it will also change our state of health, a new report by the American Lung Association states. This means that besides saving $6 billion in health and fuel costs, the electric car will make us live longer – and probably better.

Wheego LiFe Electric Car Out On The Market

It appears that the Nissan Leaf has a new contender that threatens to steal its clients away: the Wheego LiFe has recently been unveiled and sold at its dealership in Atlanta.

Nissan Leaf Owners Complain About Start Issues

Just like all of its predecessors tinkering with electricity such as the Prius or Tesla’s Roadster, the Nissan Leaf has already been tagged with problems by some of its only 450 owners in the U.S.. The issue in this case is not safety-related, but merely a functional one: at times, the Leaf refuses to start.

Z-Kart: 4-Wheeled Electric Vehicle Built In a Garage, Meant to Inspire

Z-Kart is the name of George Fortin’s newest vehicle. Called by some a contraption, and by others an image of a dream, the Z-Kart doesn’t have at all any of the safety requirements of a modern automobile. It is rather a four-wheel carriage that drives electrically, but what’s most important, though, is that it’s made in a garage… in California.