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Peraves E-Tracer/Monotracer: The Next Big Thing in Agile Urban Movement

The gasoline version that you can see here can reach speeds of up to 160 mph and can host two. It’s not a motorbike and not a car, either. Though the electric version of it can outperform any electric car on the market today in both speed and autonomy and will look exactly the same.

Seoul's Bus Fleet Plans to Turn Half Electric by 2020

South Korea’s capital is the home of some newly-launched electric buses. A country that’s heavily dependent on fossil fuels, Korea is now one of the most fervent investors in battery technologies and renewable energy.

Oil Recycled From BP Spill Used to Make Chevy Volt Plastic Parts

The BP spill has definitely caused a lot of environmental damage and people spent a lot of money and energy to clean it. To make themselves a greener image the General Motors company has, for marketing purposes, announced that they will use recycled BP spilled oil to make the plastics in the iconic Chevy Volt… which is a half-blood electric.

Revenge of the Electric Car Trailer Released: Watch It Here

A few days ago, we made an appeal to everyone to Like the page of Revenge of the Electric Car on Facebook. Well, it looks like they got their votes (it was only a matter of time), and I think my article contributed a little to the release of the trailer.