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Dying Salton Sea Able to Generate Renewable Energy for 6.5 Million Households

The Salton Sea is dying out and this is no new phenomenon: for decades now, the sea is slowly but surely losing its salt levels, affecting the fauna in and around it. That makes the Salton Sea Authority face a pressing issue: that of finding ways to save it. So its members have been thinking about tapping into its clean energy resources to come up with the money.

Earthquake-Free Geothermal Drilling Technology Proposed by GTherm

Earthquakes are a serious drawback and side effect of geothermal drilling and that could be damaging to the industry, especially after Japan’s nuclear experience. GTherm, a Connecticut-based company founded in 2008, thinks they can overcome the issue through their proprietary geothermal extraction process that doesn’t involve fracturing rock, which is apparently causing the quakes.