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Scatec Solar Plans Huge Solar Power Project for Iron County

Oslo-based Scatec Solar plans a new solar power project in Iron County, Expected to be the largest in Utah, the Norwegian company says the investment will be around $500 million. The photovoltaic panels will be placed across 650 acres in northwestern Parovan.

New Solar Farm That Generates Electricity Even After Sunset

The new solar farm will be based on the use of 17,500 large mirrors called heliostats which will be arrayed in a circle around a 538-foot concrete tower. Each one will measures between 24 – 28 feet, being attached to 12-foot pedestals.

Space-based Solar Farm to be Developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corp

According to a report on Bloomberg, Japan plans to build a space-based solar farm, capable of generating 1GW of green power. The project will be developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corp., a manufacturer of solar panels which will join an AUD $25 billion Japanese project to construct a gigantic solar farm in space within three decades.

Carolina Solar Energy Opens 650kW Solar Park

North Carolina’s newest solar energy park was opened Wednesday, developed by Carolina Solar Energy. The farm is able to generate about 650KW of green electrical energy, enough to power about 60 homes in Person County.