Can EPA be Terminated by the Trump Administration?

Only days after Trump’s inauguration speech, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s all funding grant programs were stopped. Not only that, but the EPA is also under the danger of being terminated.

After Scott Pruitt was elected as the head of the EPA, the diminishment of the EPA’s role in regulations was inevitable, because Pruitt has previously denied the global warming. Also, Myron Ebell stated that Trump planned to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Since Ebell was announced to be the head of the EPA’s transition team by Trump, this statement holds a very significant reality for the future U.S. policy on the climate change.

The changes in leading positions eventually lead to real restrictions on the EPA. The communication between the EPA and the outside world was completely cut; statements about the climate change were removed from the White House website. Lastly, Matt Gaetz, the Florida Republican Representative, introduced the bill “H.R. 861”, that would terminate the EPA, literally.

Congressman Gaetz stated that this new bill is a way “to start fresh” since “[the EPA] exceeded its original mission under both Republican and Democratic presidents”.

In his statement, Gaetz also focused on the rules and regulations on the corporates due to the climate change. So far, it seems like the climate change will be ignored, and agreements to solve the issue will be tossed away for some time to help corporates be regulated less. With the new policy, the U.S. is not likely to invest in researching alternative sources and enforcing regulations.

[via cleantechnica]


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