Russia's First Biofuel Plant To Be Built In Siberia Next Year

If you thought that only the Americans and the Europeans have plans to green themselves up, then you were wrong. Russia, still one of the world's biggest economical powers, plans to start building the country's first biofuel plant in Siberia.

Giant Reed as Biofuel Source: Miracle or Disaster?

The renewable fuels industry sees the giant reed (Arundo donax) as a miracle biofuel plant due to its fast-growing and drought-resistant features that it...

Wastewater-Grown Algae Yield Biodiesel and Clean the Water, Too

Finding new methods of processing wastewater really impresses me every time. Using a combination of wastewater and algae to produce biodiesel is even more touching, because it's "doubly green", as the algae neutralize water pathogens as they feed and eat out carbon dioxide to produce fuel.

NASA is Producing Biofuel from Algae Grown in Sewages

NASA has recently been very interested not only in space exploration but as well in the rising energy costs and climate change. NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, has developed a system of growing algae in waste-water for the biofuel production.

Gut of Western Australia Termites May Be Key in Biofuel Development

Research completed by University of Western Australia honors student, Ghislaine Small, of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Planet Energy Biology has identified the...

Google Ventures Funds Cool Planet to Produce Carbon-Negative Biofuels

Biofuels have attracted quite a bit of attention over the past decade. The field started off very strong and showed a lot of potential,...

Your Breath's CO2 Captured and Used for Creating Airplane Biodiesel

It's interesting to know, when you're aboard a plane, that its fuel is derived from algae, and you practically fly on a living creature's output. What's more interesting when you're in an airplane is knowing that those algae were fed with the CO2 you exhaled when sitting and waiting for the airplane... in the airport!

New Microbubble Production Making Biofuels and Wastewater Treatment More Efficient

I didn't really actively realize that current biofuel production technologies imply the usage of fossil fuels at certain moments of the production process. This fact reduces the biofuels' credibility as a cleaner source of energy and increases their carbon footprint.

Ocean-Based Algae Production System Could Revolutionize the Biofuel Industry

Two Kansas State University Engineers have designed a new algae production system that could reduce the cost of biodiesel and help the U.S. Government to change from fossil fuel dependency to a renewable power source.

Biomass-Based Jet Fuel to Be Produced in London and Australia by US-based Company

Did you know that German fighter airplanes used synthetic fuel made from biomass? This is what Australian line Qantas and US-based fuel producer Solena are negotiating about these days, in an attempt to replace the fossil-based fuels that currently power their airplanes.