No-Mix Vacuum Toilet – A New System That Turns Human Waste Into Energy

Using human waste for electricity and fertilizers... Ok, I get the fertilizer part - after all, our ancestors did use animal waste to make...

Biofuel Gives Higher Purpose to Tequila Plants

If a greenhouse filled with agave plants and pots of cacti is not enough to attract attention, the sign saying “tequila” placed right next...

Kenyan Teenager Builds a Human Poop Bio-reactor to Generate Biogas

Brilliant high school student designed a system that can generate clean energy using the content of his classmates' poop. What is more, this same energy...

Toronto's New Garbage Truck Fleet Running on Waste-Derived Biogas

The City of Toronto brought into the spotlight the latest addition to its green fleet of waste and recycling collecting service. The new garbage truck can run on converted biogas obtained from the picked up organic material waste.

70 Mumbai Buses Running on Hydrogen Mixed With CNG by End of 2010

India's largest bus manufacturer, Ashok Leyland, is going to implement a 6-liter engine that will run on clean natural gas (CNG) enriched with hydrogen, making it the first bus powered by an internal combustion engine aided by hydrogen.

New Type of Sand to Store Methane Safely and Efficiently

Hydrogen gas is the most clean-burning gas known to man. Yet methane, even if it's a sibling of petrol, got its way through the alternative fuels industry, and it is more widely used nowadays, as fuel prices oscillate between skyscrapers and small houses. Methane is also one of the cleanest burning fuels, and that makes it viable for a while. Methane reservoirs still exist all around the world, and there's plenty of it to help make a clean transition to hydrogen.

Colorado Company Uses Concentrated Solar Power to Transform Biomass into Gasoline

Sundrop Fuels, a Louisville, CO, -based company has developed a method of using concentrated solar power to heat the biomass to 1200 or 1300 ºC, and even produce syngas more efficiently than the standard technology, which uses only 30 to 35 percent of the biomass.

Biofuel Policy Ammended by EU, Biowastes Favored

Just a few weeks after the publication of a study questioning its policy that prioritizes first generation biofuels, the European Union (EU) has changed...

Biogas Production Principle

Biogas is generated when bacteria degrade biological material in the absence of oxygen, in a process known as anaerobic digestion. Since biogas is a mixture of methane (also known as marsh gas or natural gas, CH4) and carbon dioxide it is a renewable fuel produced from waste treatment.

California Egg Farm Installs Chicken Poo-Powered Fuel Cell

FuelCell Energy, one of the companies promoting alternative energy sources, announced the sale of a chicken poo-powered fuel cell to an egg farm in California. The 1.4-megawatt fuel cell system will produce enough energy to supply the farm's operations.