Solar Biofuel Generator Developed at Harvard

Scientists from Harvard have managed to build an advanced biofuel generator. Using biotechnology and genetic engineering, the team created artificial photosynthesis and converted sun rays into...

Chinese Farmers Paid to Convert Livestock Wastes to Fuel and Fertilizer

China encourages its farmers to develop animal waste processing facilities, which allow conversion of wastes to fertilizer and fuel, by giving them incentives. This is...

Efficiency of Transforming Biomass Into Biofuel Improved 100% by Dutch Company

Forget killing bacteria to make ethanol or biodiesel, or researching the creation of new lifeforms to do that - the Dutch have a solution. DSM NV, from the Netherlands, have designed a new technology that will improve the conversion efficiency of waste agricultural products (second-generation biofuels) of up to 100%.

Gliocladium Roseum: Rotten Grapes Fungus Produces Diesel

Gliocladium Roseum is a fungus from the Patagonian rainforest, that also grows on wine grapes. It cannot be burned directly, but it seems to produce diesel fuel (or at least molecules found in diesel), out of cellulose.

Efficient Electricity Production from Onion Juice

The future life style is quite different than we could imagine right now. Many experts predict that we will not need to transport our energy around the world as it will be produced in our community.

“HomeBiogas” Makes Fertilizer and Cooking Gas

This compact biogas unit, developed by a promising Israeli startup, can turn your organic waste into both garden fertilizer and cooking gas. If your household...

Helioculture: Making Biofuel from CO2 by Using Solar Power

California-based startup, Joule Biotechnologies is developing a unique process using solar energy that converts carbon dioxide into liquid biofuel. This new process could yield up to 20,000 gallons of usable fuel per year per acre of land for approximately the same cost as fossil fuels.

Salicornia Biofuel for Jet Engines Could Compete With Petrol Fuels and Emit Zero CO2

Salicornia is an alga that grows in salty waters and whose seeds can produce biofuels abundantly. Masdar Institute researchers, along with several companies like Boeing, Etihad Airways, and UOP Honeywell devised a method of growing salicornia for getting biofuels out of it and keeping the CO2 balance in proper equilibrium.

UK gears up for huge surge in new biomethane plants through 2020

Thanks to an investment of £400m in the biomethane sector, potentially 48 new UK biomethane plants could all be in operation by January 2020...

No-Mix Vacuum Toilet – A New System That Turns Human Waste Into Energy

Using human waste for electricity and fertilizers... Ok, I get the fertilizer part - after all, our ancestors did use animal waste to make...