Pedal Your Way to a Free Organic Ice-Cream at Peddler’s Creamery, LA

One of the many reasons why I love my bike is that after using it for 15 mins or so it can miraculously get rid...

Automated Electric Bill Payment Increases Power Consumption, Automatically

Going for paperless billing is good for the environment because you kill less trees for paper, no fuel is burned to deliver your bill, and...

Shell Oil Company to Open 1 GigaWatt Solar Power Plant

Showa Shell Sekiyu, a Royal Dutch Shell subsidiary, the one of Japan largest oil company will invest 100 billion yen($938 mil) in a giant solar panel powered plant, AFP says.

Extinction of Australian Megafauna due to Humans, not Climate Change

The organic waste of an astonishing creature from Australia that was extinct 45,000 years ago, revealed the extinction's primary reason as humans and not...

Pest-free Lettuce Grows in Toshiba’s Old Factory

 Toshiba, the Japanese tech giant, has a great solution to the pressing climate-change driven problem of food security. They converted an old factory into...

Rainwater Harvesting System Capable of Capturing over 20,000 Gallons of Water

Jerry Block, a retired anesthesiologist, located in Monte Sereno, California, has developed in his backyard a rainwater harvesting system, capable of holding and collecting up to 20,000 gallons of rainwater each year.

Last Nail in the Tesla – Toyota Partnership?

While all other major car makers are either improving or developing battery electric vehicles, the world's largest automaker seems to be going the opposite...

City of Vancouver’s 5 Tips for a Greener Life

The Vancouver City Council and Parks Board works hard to through on programs to support the Greenest City 2020 initiative by attracting green building...

Colder Winters Bring Higher Pollution Levels, Swedish Researchers Say

A strong link between the coldness of the winter and air pollution has just been established by a group of researchers from the University of Gothenburg. Nitrogen oxides levels have been much higher than usual in the Swedish city during the last two harsh winters.

Study: Salt Water Can Keep the Injected CO2 Underground

We are now trying to bury the CO2, get rid of it somehow, and if fossil fuels came from down below, we think that by sending CO2 from where it came, we will solve the problem partially. And that may be true, regarding that sometimes the patchy solutions are best. So, let's try to patch our trouble.