Samsung Invests $7.4 billion in Eco-Friendly Town

South Korea, through its most important group Samsung, is taking the business of "eco-friendliness" to a whole new level: it doesn't mess around with things like electric cars or wind turbines. Samsung thinks big: a green energy complex at Saemangeum wetland area south of Seoul!

How Can Modern-Day Technology Change The World?

Can modern-day technology change the world? This is the question that David Brin tackles in a remarkable piece published on the Red, Green and...

New Molecule Developed To Absorb GHGs

Scientists recently developed a molecule that can capture wayward fluorocarbons, known to be a class of very potent greenhouse gases (GHGs), like a sponge. In...

Root Fungi – The Most Important Carbon Sink in Northern Forests

A study published in the latest issue of Science, reveals that tree root fungi sequester most of the carbon in the northern boreal forests. The...
Electricity Game

“Wired” Video Game to Teach Children About Electricity

Researchers at the University of Cambridge developed a new video game that will help teenagers to understand electricity. It features a series of puzzles...

Korean Scientists Find Quick and Easy Way to Produce Bio-Plastics

Petroleum stands at the base of every plastic we usually find on today's market. Polymers are everywhere, and if petroleum resources are about to go scarce with time, it's a good idea to replace it with other renewable and biodegradable material that we could use just as well as we use petroleum today.

Pineapples and Bananas Could Be Building Blocks for Future Cars

Various scientists have been arguing over bioplastics and their cleanliness to the environment lately. A new invention from Brazil creates bioplastics having the strength similar to Kevlar from bananas and pineapples. Alcides Leão, a researcher at Sao Paulo State University, and the project leader, says his bioplastics are "30% lighter and three to four times stronger."

Bill Gates’ Views on Health, Education And Technology

Since its inception, the 'Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation' has invested more than $26.1 billion in various health and education campaigns, with efforts directed...

Space Rocket Nozzle Technology Could Capture CO2 and Turn It Into Dry Ice

ATK, a company that builds the space shuttles' booster rockets may have a solution for the massively-polluting coal power plants, by using rocket nozzle technology to turn the carbon dioxide into dry ice, and capture it easier than they can do with chemicals.

Is Pope Francis an Environmentalist?

Pope Francis gave us all a big clue when he chose to name himself after Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and...