Energy Efficiency is Right There for the Taking!

Energy Efficiency More Important Than any Other “Fuel,” IEA Reports

With all the focus on renewable energy and alternative fuels, it seems that improving the energy efficiency of the technology we already have has...

Steorn's Free Energy Machine to Be Tested One More Time This Year

Maybe you've heard about Steorn and their Orbo. Steorn is an Irish company that has been promising for a few years to accomplish something mankind has been dreaming for thousands of years: some call it perpetuum mobile, others call it overunity, but it is mostly known as "free energy" in lay terms.

Fan Case Free Energy Magnet Motors: How They Fake Them

When I started writing about alternative energy, I was also amazed by the sheer number of videos on YouTube that were showing magnet motors...

About Free Energy by Sterling D. Allan from

This is Sterling D. Allan, the founder of,, and many other sites linked in a network between them. He speaks about the...

Bob Rohner – co-producer of Joseph Papp engine on

I got a comment yesterday from one of the "guys" who helped Josef Papp succeeding with his inert gas engine. It's Bob Rohner, who...

Sleekest Hydrogen Powered Sportscar: Honda FC Sport

Though some blogs take it as a surprise, it's not something new coming from Honda: their vision of a sportscar powered entirely by a hydrogen fuel cell... not surprisingly, the same that's into their FCX Clarity, released this summer.

Free Energy Inventors: Scammers or The Real Deal? (video)

Free energy is, in essence, unachievable. You cannot get energy out of nothing - yet there are people all of the world claiming they've made discoveries in the field of "free" energy. They don't claim their devices get their energy out of nowhere, but from gravity, magnetism and a form of still undefined energy called "zero point energy."

Cheapest Way to Get Hydrogen: the Photoelectrochemical Diode

Penn State researchers have found a cheaper method of producing hydrogen from water by the same old effect of electrolysis aided by the Sun's rays. They do not use classic solar cells, because these are expensive, but made a nanotechnology-based solar cell, called photoelectrochemical diode, that is simplistically said on the bottom of the water holding recipe.

John Bedini’s Scalar Wave Battery Charger

This is a quote from John Bedini's article that originally appeared here. It happened on a Saturday night on the Bill Jenkins Show. The show...

Blacklight`s Free Energy Device Finally Verified by Rowan University

As far as I know from 7th grade, hydrogen is the only chemical element that has only one electron spinning around the nucleus. It seems, though things are going to change here, since a medical doctor from New Jersey has discovered a different reality on it. The company Randell Mills founded is called Blacklight Power, and it has been written all over the internet about it a few months ago, when they firstly announced their "free energy" device discovery.