Magnetic Generator for Sale – EBM 720

This project, developed in Budapest, Hungary is a free energy magnetic generator and it's ready for sale, as the video says. They have done this...

About Free Energy by Sterling D. Allan from

This is Sterling D. Allan, the founder of,, and many other sites linked in a network between them. He speaks about the...

Free Energy Magnetic Motor: Alsetalokin’s Version Filmed Working

Many have tried to build magnetic motors, but it's difficult, and the difficulty comes from the fact that you somehow have to isolate and beam the magnetic field into only one direction. Here is another experimenter that uses rotating magnets on the stator, that if aligned properly to a certain pattern that he tries to find every time the motor starts.

Pyramid Generator Runs 12W Fan

Austrian inventor Flavio Thomas (Trawoger) points out that the energy capture circuits are positioned in the geometric center of the pyramid. The materials that the pyramid is made from are less important for its function.

UK Researchers Use Bacteria to Generate Hydrogen from Landfills

As you already know, Earth's ecosystems are in a closed-loop. Researchers from the University of Birmingham have created a closed loop hydrogen energy eco-system based on two types of bacteria and a twist of fuel cell technology. How did they do that?

Joe Newman's Free Energy Device – Eye Witness News Video

Joe Newman claims for a long time he has succeeded to make a free energy device by using magnets. A lot of people hate...

Green energy device patents

Disintegrating polystyrene Foam polystyrene is a major environmental concern. It is used as a protective packaging for all sorts of products, but it is not...

How to Build George Green’s Magnetic Motor With Magnets and Scotch Tape

Magnetic motors are something every DIYer should experiment. Some say they are endless sources of free energy, some say they aren't. The fact is that...

Nanowires May Boost Solar Panels Efficiency and Lower Prices

Gang Chen from Cambridge University has done research on making a new solar cell structure, that would rise its efficiency by not reflecting light, but absorbing it through the intrinsic nature of the nanowire material.

Graphene Charges Atmosphere with Battery Running on Thin Air

Graphene, the wonder material made of carbon that's impermeable to gas and liquids, could one day be used for hydrogen batteries,  based on research ...