Tesla’s Radiant Energy System

Brooklyn Eagle July 10, 1932 Nikola Tesla states: I have harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device. Cosmic ray investigation...

Bladeless Wind Turbine Built by Solar Aero, Inspired by Nikola Tesla's Invention

Remember that Tesla turbine we wrote about two years ago? Or the Tesla turbine made out of a hard drive? Nikola Tesla patented these turbines back in 1913, but he wasn't able to build them properly because the metals he could use at that time didn't have the right thickness and quality.

Tesla's Wireless Power Transmission Reinvented by Witricity

Eric Giler, chief executive of US firm Witricitywireless, talks about a new system that can deliver power to devices without the need for wires. The new system exploits simple physics principles and can be used to charge a range of electronic devices over several meters.

How to Build a Tesla Coil

In many aspects, Nikola Tesla changed the way we consume electricity, transport and produce it. He even influenced the way we move and start...

Tesla Generator – a Self-Sustaining Electricity Harvester

Before going into the details of this invention it would be worthwhile to have an idea of how any generator, even in theory, could be capable of producing a self-sustaining current. This has been clearly explained by Walter M. Elsasser in a Scientific American article (May 1958) titled "The Earth as a Dynamo."

John Bedini’s Cigar Box-sized Tesla Switch – How To Build It

John Bedini was invited to speak at the Tesla Centennial Symposium in Colorado Springs, CO, on August, 11, 1984, The symposium honored the 100th...
Tesla Model S has been the only real change in the automobile in the last century.

Cartoonist Waxes on Tesla Model S, Wants to Build Nikola Tesla Museum

Calling Matthew Inman a “cartoonist” isn’t really fair, but the way he waxes on about his Tesla Model S goes much deeper than simple...

The Tesla Oscillator (aka Earthquake Machine)

Nikola Tesla is primarily thought of as an electrical genius, but he also was responsible for a number of mechanical devices. One of the...

Japanese Researchers Extend Range and Efficiency of Wireless Power Transmission

Since researchers from the MIT first announced that they had a working prototype of a wireless power supply in 2007, Japanese companies (and not only) sought to replicate and even surpass MIT's results.

The Dirty Energy Conspiracy – Why do they hide the radiant energy from us?

. In the late 1880s, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting "free electricity" in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of...