Butane Fuel Cell, a Viable Solution to Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries

A company called Lilliputian Systems has developed a fuel cell to replace Lithium-Ion Batteries in electronics industry. It will be very interesting to see how science will be able to evolve from this point on as the new fuel cell system that runs on butane cartridges is able to replace heavy laptop and mobile batteries.

Intelligent Battery Project Aiming to Standardize How Batteries Charge, Connect and Work, For Better...

Standardization is a necessity in anything from computers, communication protocols and certain systems in the automotive industry that have to be the same with all the others, for the benefit of all car manufacturers and customers.

Quantum Batteries Nearly Perfect, Theory Says

Entanglement, or the quantum link that happens when separate particles share a wave function, may make quantum batteries almost perfect. Engines and refrigerators have often...

Lithium Ion Battery Production Has Unhealthy Effects, EPA Study Shows

According to a recent report by the US Environmental Protection Agency , in-use carbon dioxide emissions don't tell the whole story of lithium-ion battery packs. Lithium-ion battery...

Impressive Fuel Cell Stack on Kia Borrego FCEV Uses 98% of the Hydrogen

The partnership between Kia and Hyundai resulted in some huge steps forward regarding fuel cell technology. Kia has just released some footage about their latest FCEV prototype called Borrego (Mohave for the Korean market).

Philadelphia To Recover Subway Trains' Brake Forces In Huge Battery For Reuse/Resale

Having a battery could someday be compared to having gold mine. Take Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, for example. They' going to use a huge battery and charge it from the subway's braking trains. The energy recovered thus will either be sold back to the grid or reused for acceleration.
Rechargeable Battery Disassembled - #4 Current Collector

Why Lithium Ion Batteries Can’t Hold More Charge, Scientists Find

There are a number of factors which affect the power capacity and lifespan of the rechargeable battery packs that are found in hybrid electric...

The Hidden Details Behind Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are behind almost all of our favorite gadgets and electronics. But how much do we know about them? Let's get down to...

SunPower To Use Ice and Batteries For Storing Solar Energy

Storage technologies are often a roadblock for alternative energy, because of its intermittent nature. Utilities producing power from wind or solar, for example, have to develop ways of storing the energy for the periods when there isn't such a great demand on the grid, and the produced power is higher than the consumed.

GELI to Unveil Operating System That Will Manage Future Smart Grids

In the years to come, the electric grid is to change radically. What is now produced by coal-fired plants and consumed instantly, will then...