Tesla GIgafactory, a Pretty Big Deal

Tesla Gigafactory to Break Ground – in Two States?

Tesla Motors is planning some big developments in the future, and a lot of those changes hinge on the Tesla Gigafactory. The Tesla Gigafactory, of...

New Micro Supercapacitor Much Faster Than Existing Ones

Researchers from the U.S. and France have created a micro-supercapacitor that has the potential to power embedded micro sensors, biomedical implants, mobile electronics, RFID tags, wireless sensor networks and other electronic gadgets.
Experimental Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could See Lifespan Increased Seven-Fold

Dresden Scientists Improve Lithium-Sulfur Battery Lifespan Seven Times

Lithium-Sulfur battery technology may be more powerful and less expensive than lithium-ion , but also suffers from a greatly reduced lifespan. Battery technology is one...

New EV Battery Lab Getting Built by Ford and University of Michigan

Owning an electric car these days is considered a more of a luxury rather than an environmentally friendly alternative to a conventional diesel-burning vehicle. The...

Composite Nanomaterial Could Transform The Car's Body Into a Battery

The interesting fact is that the material resembles a fabric, and can be shaped into different objects, so maybe in the future mobile phone users won't have to have a battery in their cellphone, just because its case will do the job.

Swiss Joint Venture Secretly Developing 1MW Battery

Since their invention in 1800 by Alessandro Volta, batteries have become a common power source for houses and industrial applications and hystory has proven that modern society cannot live without them.

Scientists Understanding How Aluminum Hydride Can Better Store Hydrogen

Scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) performed simulation studies on the mechanism of hydrogen release or dehydrogenation of aluminum hydride, AlH3....

High-Performance Batteries Developed Using a Common Virus

The development of a new hi-tech rechargeable battery has been discussed this week at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The new high-performance batteries are portable and can be woven into fabrics, for both military and civil purposes.

Deutsche Bank Estimates EV Batteries Price Will Drop 50% In Next Decade

People tend to think electric cars will be more expensive and unaffordable than their petrol/diesel relatives. Furthermore, people usually expect high maintenance costs, because of the batteries.

California Power Company’s Energy Storage Up by 50MW

Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS)  has joined with SunEdison to fulfill their 50 megawatt contract with Southern California Edison (SCE). The contractors will work directly with...