Metal-Air Ionic Liquid Battery: 11 Times The Capacity of Li-Ion

A spinoff company from Arizona State University is planning to develop a metal-air battery which unlike lithium-ion batteries has an energy density 11 times greater, for less than one-third the cost. Last week, the US Department of Energy awarded a $5.13-million research grant to Scottsdale, AZ-based Fluidic Energy. This company hopes that its ultra-dense energy storage technology to become reality.

Ammonia Borane Hydrogen Storage Invented at Purdue

Purdue University chemical engineers have invented a method of storing hydrogen and releasing it safely without the need for high-pressure tanks, only by using the fuel cell's dissipated heat.

Philadelphia To Recover Subway Trains' Brake Forces In Huge Battery For Reuse/Resale

Having a battery could someday be compared to having gold mine. Take Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, for example. They' going to use a huge battery and charge it from the subway's braking trains. The energy recovered thus will either be sold back to the grid or reused for acceleration.

Sugar Might Power Batteries, According to Japanese Researchers

Robust, cheap and with high energy-storage capacity- this is the description of the desired Li-ion rechargeable batteries.  In some countries, however, in order to...

Nissan to Sell Solar Panels and Battery Storage Cheaper Than Tesla

The residents of the United Kingdom that have solar products installed in their households could save as much as 66 percent of their electric...

Molten Salt Batteries, the next level to Solar and Wind Power Industry

A novel innovation of battery made out of molten metal was developed by MIT. Its vision is to cater the expanding solar and wind...
China Will Reduce Coal Consumption (When Pigs Fly)

China’s Power Mix Will Be Dominated by Coal for Decades

China’s economic growth is very much at odds with her environmental problems. As the economy grows, so does need for power, two-thirds of which...
Sodium, a Highly Reactive Metal, Could Change the Electric Vehicle Industry, but it Still Needs Work

Sodium-Air Battery Development Could Surpass Lithium-Air

Lithium-air batteries have a theoretical energy density of some 3,460Wh/kg but in practice hasn't been able to surpass that of a sodium-air battery...

New Hope for EVs: Bolivia Holding World's Richest Lithium Field

As the automotive industry has oriented itself towards green energy usage, the need of a "supreme" alternative resource is obvious. And what is more obvious is the demand of Electric Vehicles. EVs need to store their energy in batteries: mainly Lithium-Ion batteries. As of this particular reason, Lithium seems to be one of the most searched resource.

Ecofriendly Bacteria Batteries Powered by Dirt

Harvard scientists have found a solution that could light up homes of some 500 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa. They have created microbial fuel cell (MFC) batteries that derive power from naturally occurring bacteria in soil.