Poland Puts Up Electric Barriers to Keep Renewable Energy Out

For the host country of international climate talks, it's surprising to see Poland going to such great lengths to protect its coal industry, while...

UK Study Promotes Wood-Based Heating As More Sustainable Compared to Burning Oil

A report prepared by scientists from The University of Manchester wants to encourage UK officials to use sustainable wood and other biofuels to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions related to the burning of fossil fuels.

Hawaii To Run $1 Billion Undersea Cable That Will Share Wind Power Between Islands

Replacing Hawaii's dirty diesel powered generators that provide the electricity necessary to run the islands isn't an easy job. The state's current plan is to feed Oahu, the state's most populated island, through an undersea cable, from the wind farms on the islands Molokai and Lanai.

British Government Plans to Encourage Fracking, People Oppose

British governmental officials are about to announce  the results from research conducted by the British Geological Survey on quantities of trapped gas in the...

Qube: The Cheap Smart LED Lightbulb You’ve Been Waiting For

The Qube smart LED bulb is fully controlled via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it provides light in millions of colors, and it comes at a...

New Urine Fuel Cell From UK Could Piss Off Oil Companies Badly

In the not-so-distant future, you'll probably be able to take a leak, or ease yourself, or drop some in your fuel tank to get that electric motor spinning, because scientists have figured out a material that could create that fuel cell which transforms urine into electricity. Cheap electricity.

Silicon-Based PV Architecture Holds The Future of The Energy Market, Study Says

New multi-termal, multi-junction architecture holds the key to efficient and cheap electricity generation using commercially available silicon and thin-film solar cells. This is the...

Genetically Modified Enzyme Leads to Better Carbon Sequestration at Coal Powered Plants

Capturing the carbon dioxide that a coal-powered plant produces and sequestering it is not an easy task, and until now it rose the costs of the electricity produced by 80 percent. Due to researchers at Codexis, a Redwood, CA, company, genetically modified enzymes can make carbon dioxide capture much cheaper, increasing the cost of electricity by less than a third.
Even if you can turn off the game, the cable box is the second-worst energy vampire in your home.

Energy Vampire Numero Uno is Your Cable Box!

The modern home is full of electrical and electronic devices, just about all of which are energy vampires, that is, they continue to use...
Exxon Mobil - Money Talks

Big Oil Politics Seek to Repeal Renewable Energy Standards

Most people believe that the US government is “for the people” and “by the people,” but the reality is that big money has much...