Compressed-Air Energy Storage Plants Offering Solution for Excess Wind/Solar Power

In the renewable energy field, wind turbines have played an important step, but today the future of wind energy may come from the underground. The compressed-air energy storage plants could be the solution. Air is pumped into large underground formations where it can be used later to deliver the large amount of energy that it previously received.

Hygroelectricity: A New Type Of Alternative Energy, Extracted From Air's Electrical Charge

In their search of alternative energy resources, scientists have stopped at a phenomenon that, although known for ages, brought them surprises. They want to harvest electricity by profiting from the fact that air is loaded with electric charges, and work on a prototype for such a harvester.

Power-to-Gas System in Germany Uses Sun and Wind to Make Natural Gas

Germany is about to start a new phase in its energy revolution with a project that is meant to use captured carbon dioxide, use...

New MOSFET-based Device Makes Ultra Low Power Green Sources Usable

A company called Advanced Linead Devices, from Sunnyvale, CA, has designed a MOSFET (a power transistor, you may have one your stereo at home - it basically looks like the picture above) that can open itself to very tiny, small, voltages, and it's called "zero-threshold MOSFET".

Toilet Hydropower: Scientists Developing New Source of Energy

With all the horrendous warnings that climatologists are issuing, urging us to stop wasting fresh water, everyone with a clear mind should be looking...

Cheap and Efficient Thermoelectric Material Turns Waste Heat Into Eectricity

New thermoelectric material, tetrahedrite, a naturally occurring mineral, non-toxic and super efficient conductor that turns waste heat into power, goes on sale by Alphabet...

Idénergie’s River Turbine Generates Energy from Flowing Water

A fresh new project on Kickstarter takes on the ancient idea of water mills and creates a modern river turbine that can provide cheap and...
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion [OTEC] Plant to be Built by Lockheed Martin

World’s Largest Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant to be Built by Lockheed Martin

The earth receives more energy from the sun than we can ever use, 80% of that in the ocean. Lockheed Martin's Ocean Thermal Energy...

New Dutch Power Plant to Produce Energy From Sea Water

The latest addition to the growing renewable energy family comes from researchers from the Netherlands. They developed a system, which produces electricity using the...

Dutch & Norvegian Researchers Say Osmosis Power Plants Could Suffice World's Electricity Needs

A new approach to generate electricity comes from engineers from Europe's northern countries of the Netherlands and Norway. They want to use the difference between salty and fresh water through osmosis in two different manners and say that their solutions could suffice the entire world's energy needs. The New Scientist joined them both in an interesting case study.