Only 2% of US Geothermal Energy Needed to Supply 2500x Power Demand

Unlike solar and wind powers, geothermal power is cost-effective and a reliable source, 24/7 whole year round at a consistent and predictable rate. What’s...

Turkish Company Begins Exploitation of 60MW Geothermal Field

The group already owns a 17.4 MW plant on a field where it has operating rights since September last year, so this new geothermal field can bring them a total of 77.4MW of power.

Alaska Champions Geothermal Power, Plans Leasing Rights Public Offering

In Alaska’s Lower Cook Inlet, home of the active Augustine Volcano, the Division of Oil and Gas plans to offer the public the chance...

Development of Philippines Geothermal Energy, Helped by NZ Scientists

Among the renewable energy industries in the Philippines, geothermal energy is the one able to keep on expanding. What’s more, it ranks second among...

Central America's Plans to Extract Geothermal Energy From Its Unique Volcanoes

eing gifted with many active volcanoes, Central America wants to tap them for producing green energy which will cut its dependence on oil imports and also help reduce the CO2 emissions.

Huge Geothermal Potential Revealed Beneath U.S. by Google-Funded Map

The recently revealed map, released by the Geothermal Laboratory of Southern Methodist University, shows once more that massive resources of potential energy lie hidden...

High Efficiency/Low Temperature Geothermal System Implemented in Utah

Geothermal energy is considered to be the ultimate energy source in terms of reliability. Since it doesn't depend on day or night, or other external factor, it is practically undisturbable and has a huge potential.

Google-Funded Project Explores Major Geothermal Resource In West Virginia

West Virginia has recently discovered, though a project funded by Google, that it is lying on top of a major resource: geothermal power. The finding is even more significant taking in consideration the state's high dependence on fossil fuels.

CO2 Used to Make Clean Geothermal Power

Can clean geothermal power be made from carbon dioxide? Many startups and researchers are betting YES. In 2014, testing will begin to determine whether it’s...

Michael Strizki`s Solar/Hydrogen/Geothermal Powered House – Amazing!

Michael Strizki's house is the most low impact house I've ever seen. He lives his life off-grid, because his home system feature solar panels, 10 hydrogen tanks filled with the excess energy from the solar panels, with the hydrogen taken out of water, and a 15 year-old geothermal system, that covered its price 8 times since it was installed.