Indonesia Planning to Get Another 4,000 MW from Volcanic Geothermal Plants by 2014

Indonesia, the world's third greenhouse gas contributor, wants to diversify its clean energy production potential by using the active volcanoes in the archipelago of 17,000 islands. If finished, this would be the world's biggest geothermal energy project, adding another 4,000 MegaWatts of geothermal capacity to the existing 1,189 MW... all of this by 2014.

Promoting Geothermal as Base Load is Becoming Off Base

After years of citing its advantage as a base load resource, geothermal power advocates must take a new tact in promoting the advantages of...

Enel Green Power Increases Italy's Geothermal Capacity By 20 MW

Enel Green Power (EGP), Italy's biggest renewable energy company, announced on Monday that the geothermal capacity of the country has been increased by 20MW. The additional power is supplied by a new unit, located at a plant in central Italy.

Earthquake-Free Geothermal Drilling Technology Proposed by GTherm

Earthquakes are a serious drawback and side effect of geothermal drilling and that could be damaging to the industry, especially after Japan's nuclear experience. GTherm, a Connecticut-based company founded in 2008, thinks they can overcome the issue through their proprietary geothermal extraction process that doesn't involve fracturing rock, which is apparently causing the quakes.

U.S. to Become World's Main Geothermal Energy Producer by 2020, Research Says

The United States is about to become the world's first geothermal energy producer. New statistics from Pike Research says that the goal will be...

Gas Resulting from Geothermal Drilling Causes Respiratory Diseases in Iceland

A three-year study performed in Iceland revealed that toxic gases associated with geothermal drilling can be dangerous to human health. The study found a...

170 MW Geothermal Plant Built In Carribean Island of St. Lucia

Being only the half the size of Los Angeles, the St. Lucia island has a decent infrastructure and tends to attract the interest of many investors. St. Lucia's government decided to sign this agreement with Qualibou Energy, to keep up with world's renewable energy trends.

Siemens Designs New 60 MW Steam Turbine for Geothermal Applications

Siemens Energy has recently developed a new 60 MW steam turbine for geothermal power plants at the GEA Geothermal Energy Expo in San Diego. Designed...

Geothermal Efficiency Boosted Up to 30% by Newly Discovered Liquid

Scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA, announce they developed a new type of heat extracting liquid that could absorb much better the heat coming from the hot water in the geothermal wells.

Australia’s Geothermal Energy Projects in Jeopardy

The future of geothermal energy in Australia is looking bleak. Despite the fact government data speculates that using only 1% of hot rocks can...