Sewage Geothermal Technology Used to Extract Free and “Filthy” Heat in Philadelphia

Wastewater is and will always be warm, and its heat so far has usually been lost, without powering anything (but bacteria). To prevent this...

MIT Scientists Scavenging the Power of Volcanoes… Safely, They Say

An MIT report submitted to the DOE forwards the idea of scavenging the power of volcanoes for electricity, safely. In short, they want to...

New Report Says Nevada Has Most Geothermal Power Plants

One source of alternative energy the world is not really aware of is the geothermal one: large quantities of hot water, whose energy can be turned into electricity â€Ã¢â‚¬Å“ much like underground jacuzzis.

Geothermal power – hot energy right under our feet

Converting geothermal heat into electricity by pouring water onto hot rocks underground and using the steam to turn turbines is arguably the most promising - and renewable - source of "green" energy on the planet. So concludes the MIT experts' report, released on Monday, which examines what geothermal energy could do for the US in the 21st century.

ARPA-E Funds Laser-Drilled Geothermal Energy Project

The US Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) has provided funding to Foro Energy to develop inexpensive, high-powered lasers that...

Google-Funded Project Explores Major Geothermal Resource In West Virginia

West Virginia has recently discovered, though a project funded by Google, that it is lying on top of a major resource: geothermal power. The finding is even more significant taking in consideration the state's high dependence on fossil fuels.

Earthquakes: The Other Side of Drilling for Geothermal Power

Geothermal technology surely is one of the cleanest technologies available to us, extracting clean heat from the hot underground. This energy source is often seen as inexhaustible, and its benefits seem to outweight its weak points. For decades, geothermal companies have been drilling into Earth's crust at depths of over 4-5km.

Alaska Champions Geothermal Power, Plans Leasing Rights Public Offering

In Alaska’s Lower Cook Inlet, home of the active Augustine Volcano, the Division of Oil and Gas plans to offer the public the chance...

Unxepected Discovery Proves Magma More Potent Than Geothermal Reservoirs

Scientific breakthroughs have been known to come by accident, not necessarily after a nice, long study: look at Newton's apple! This is roughly what happened at the Krafla volcano in Iceland: instead of testing geothermal energy harvesting, the team of researchers discovered the amazing power of magma.

U.S. to Become World's Main Geothermal Energy Producer by 2020, Research Says

The United States is about to become the world's first geothermal energy producer. New statistics from Pike Research says that the goal will be...