Geothermal power – hot energy right under our feet

Converting geothermal heat into electricity by pouring water onto hot rocks underground and using the steam to turn turbines is arguably the most promising - and renewable - source of "green" energy on the planet. So concludes the MIT experts' report, released on Monday, which examines what geothermal energy could do for the US in the 21st century.

Australia’s Geothermal Energy Projects in Jeopardy

The future of geothermal energy in Australia is looking bleak. Despite the fact government data speculates that using only 1% of hot rocks can...

Geothermal Energy Likely to Replace 25 Nuclear Power Plants In Japan

Iceland’s ambassador to Japan, Stefan Larus Stefansson, lectured in Tokyo not too long ago about the enormous potential for geothermal energy in Japan. He...

Enel Green Power Increases Italy's Geothermal Capacity By 20 MW

Enel Green Power (EGP), Italy's biggest renewable energy company, announced on Monday that the geothermal capacity of the country has been increased by 20MW. The additional power is supplied by a new unit, located at a plant in central Italy.

Earthquakes: The Other Side of Drilling for Geothermal Power

Geothermal technology surely is one of the cleanest technologies available to us, extracting clean heat from the hot underground. This energy source is often seen as inexhaustible, and its benefits seem to outweight its weak points. For decades, geothermal companies have been drilling into Earth's crust at depths of over 4-5km.
Iceland Geothermal Power Makes Cheap Synthetic Fuel Possible

Vulcanol – Synthetic Fuel Made From Carbon Dioxide and Volcano Power

Synthetic fuels could serve as viable replacements for common fuels, if only they could be made more economical. Carbon Recycling International (CRI) may have found...

Development of Philippines Geothermal Energy, Helped by NZ Scientists

Among the renewable energy industries in the Philippines, geothermal energy is the one able to keep on expanding. What’s more, it ranks second among...

Energy Dept: Geothermal Power Has “Enormous Untapped Potential”

A new report by the U.S. Department of Energy identifies geothermal energy — in which heat from beneath the Earth’s surface is used to...

Global Geothermal Power Capacity Increased by 20% During Last Five Years

According to a new report made by Geothermal Energy Association (GEA), the geothermal energy is growing rapidly worldwide. Between 2005 and 2010, the U.S. maintained its leading position in production, with the most MW installed, while Germany had the fastest growth.

Newberry Volcano in Oregon to Become Geothermal Power Source

Nearly one million people could benefit from a new project in Oregon, where deep waters would be turned into steam by deep geothermal activity...