Heilbronn House, a Sustainable Geothermal Home on the Edge of a German Forest

Heilbronn House is a three story home designed by KM Architektur which boasts sustainable features such as a passive solar design, solar water heating...

Central America's Plans to Extract Geothermal Energy From Its Unique Volcanoes

eing gifted with many active volcanoes, Central America wants to tap them for producing green energy which will cut its dependence on oil imports and also help reduce the CO2 emissions.

NEXT-Drill: Norway's New $4 million Geothermal Project

Two things do geothermal and solar heat have in common: they are both clean and "bottomless bags." Still, unlike solar, geothermal heat does not...

Earthquakes: The Other Side of Drilling for Geothermal Power

Geothermal technology surely is one of the cleanest technologies available to us, extracting clean heat from the hot underground. This energy source is often seen as inexhaustible, and its benefits seem to outweight its weak points. For decades, geothermal companies have been drilling into Earth's crust at depths of over 4-5km.

Simbol Materials to Extract Cheap But Precious Lithium From Geothermal Wells

Electric cars produced nowadays use lithium ion batteries. As this market will rise over the next few years, so will the lithium demand, ultimately...

Alaska Champions Geothermal Power, Plans Leasing Rights Public Offering

In Alaska’s Lower Cook Inlet, home of the active Augustine Volcano, the Division of Oil and Gas plans to offer the public the chance...

Oui! French Say Yes to Geothermal Power

The French are starting a new revolution - one in renewable energy.  Well, at least they are reviving one in geothermal power.  The country...

US Geothermal Power Capacity Increased by 147 MW in 2012

Of the various forms of green energy, geothermal power is the least popular when compared to solar and wind. For example, with the wind...

Enel Green Power Increases Italy's Geothermal Capacity By 20 MW

Enel Green Power (EGP), Italy's biggest renewable energy company, announced on Monday that the geothermal capacity of the country has been increased by 20MW. The additional power is supplied by a new unit, located at a plant in central Italy.

Earthquake-Free Geothermal Drilling Technology Proposed by GTherm

Earthquakes are a serious drawback and side effect of geothermal drilling and that could be damaging to the industry, especially after Japan's nuclear experience. GTherm, a Connecticut-based company founded in 2008, thinks they can overcome the issue through their proprietary geothermal extraction process that doesn't involve fracturing rock, which is apparently causing the quakes.