Australia’s Geothermal Energy Projects in Jeopardy

The future of geothermal energy in Australia is looking bleak. Despite the fact government data speculates that using only 1% of hot rocks can...

Huge Geothermal Potential Revealed Beneath U.S. by Google-Funded Map

The recently revealed map, released by the Geothermal Laboratory of Southern Methodist University, shows once more that massive resources of potential energy lie hidden...

MIT Scientists Scavenging the Power of Volcanoes… Safely, They Say

An MIT report submitted to the DOE forwards the idea of scavenging the power of volcanoes for electricity, safely. In short, they want to...

High Efficiency/Low Temperature Geothermal System Implemented in Utah

Geothermal energy is considered to be the ultimate energy source in terms of reliability. Since it doesn't depend on day or night, or other external factor, it is practically undisturbable and has a huge potential.

Elysian Fields as Elysian Sewers: Paris and Its Geothermal Potential

The past, present and future of Paris are closely tied to the city's underground. The sewers network that today serves as the shooting ground for movies, could be used to harness hydrokinetic and geothermal energy.

Injecting CO2 Instead of Water in Geothermal Wells Could Triple-Serve the Environment

When we hear about carbon dioxide, it's like hearing of a serial killer. LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and a CA-based company Symyx Technologies, instead, aided by several U.S. universities, have changed the image of this greenhouse gas a bit by putting it into a green job: geothermal energy harvesting.

U.S. to Become World's Main Geothermal Energy Producer by 2020, Research Says

The United States is about to become the world's first geothermal energy producer. New statistics from Pike Research says that the goal will be...

Geothermal Efficiency Boosted Up to 30% by Newly Discovered Liquid

Scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA, announce they developed a new type of heat extracting liquid that could absorb much better the heat coming from the hot water in the geothermal wells.

Google-Funded Project Explores Major Geothermal Resource In West Virginia

West Virginia has recently discovered, though a project funded by Google, that it is lying on top of a major resource: geothermal power. The finding is even more significant taking in consideration the state's high dependence on fossil fuels.

Berkeley Project Stores CO2 Underground and Harvests Geothermal Energy

A new project aimed at sequestering CO2 and at the same time extracting energy from geothermal resources is being developed by Berkeley Lab researchers....