Graphene Charges Atmosphere with Battery Running on Thin Air

Graphene, the wonder material made of carbon that's impermeable to gas and liquids, could one day be used for hydrogen batteries,  based on research ...

Solar Supercapacitor Generates Both Electricity and Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a much cleaner option than other renewable energy sources, only if not derived from methane that involves carbon dioxide emission. Another limitation of...

Zinc Oxide Crystal Acting as Piezoelectric Material To Get Hydrogen From Water

A team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have just discovered that crystals of zinc oxide, if submerged, absorb its vibrations and act like a piezoelectric material, developing areas of strong negative and positive charges.

Carbonized Chicken Feathers Better Than Carbon Nanotubes at Storing Hydrogen

Delaware University scientists have found that not only the latest hi-tech nanotubes or metal composites can store hydrogen effectively, but also a substance that's been around for millions of years, naturally: carbonized keratin.

Norway to introduce New Hydrogen Refueling Stations

A transportation convenience is set to be released this year by the Norwegian leading manufacturer H2 Logic: a new hydrogen refueling station.  An alternative...

Revolutionary Ceramic Membrane Makes Hydrogen Fuel Cells Highly Efficient

Hydrogen is known as an energy carrier for fuel cells. It also finds significant application in various industrial processes from food processing to the...

Blacklight`s Free Energy Device Finally Verified by Rowan University

As far as I know from 7th grade, hydrogen is the only chemical element that has only one electron spinning around the nucleus. It seems, though things are going to change here, since a medical doctor from New Jersey has discovered a different reality on it. The company Randell Mills founded is called Blacklight Power, and it has been written all over the internet about it a few months ago, when they firstly announced their "free energy" device discovery.

Nostoc Bacteria Could Be Used as Hydrogen Source

Scientists from the University of Sheffield, UK have demonstrated that some bacteria named Nostoc could be used to power our future hydrogen cars. Their research was published in the journal Bioinformatics, and it could have powerful green consequences for the environment.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles, BETA and VHS?

Elon Musk’s “Hydrogen is BS” – Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth Ten

Elon Musk has a very bad opinion on hydrogen use in cars. He stated it in one of our interviews with him and with...
Toyota Mirai, the world's first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, is changing everything.

Toyota Mirai Coming to Japan and California

The 2016 Toyota Mirai, world’s first production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, will arrive in California and Japan dealers by the second half of 2015,...