H2 Energy Offers Affordable Hydrogen Generator For Home Use

Low-cost hydrogen generator from H2 Energy Renaissance is coming soon to wipe out fossil fuels. It is truly remarkable how clean energy technologies and inventions that...

Scientists Discover How to Extract Hydrogen From Waste Vegetable Oils

Waste vegetable oils have previously been used to fuel older diesel engines, but until now nobody succeeded to extract the hydrogen in them and to sequester the carbon dioxide with cheap and affordable technologies. Leeds University scientists have broken the ice and discovered an energy efficient method of extracting both hydrogen and carbon dioxide from otherwise disposable vegetable oils.

Hydrogen Makes Metals Brittle: Fraunhofer Researchers Improving Material Technologies

Being the core of the dispute between early electric car adopters, hydrogen may be the solution to the electric movement, eventually even beating batteries by cleanliness. The technology behind hydrogen powered cars poses a few issues, though.

How to build a Joe cell free energy device

(Copyright 1998-2005 Educate-Yourself and Ken Adachi. All rights reserved) By Ken Adachi (Ken Adachi, Editor) http://educate-yourself.org/fe/fejoewatercell.shtml An Australian man, only identified by the name of Joe...

Make hydrogen from Borohydride

Within a few years, laptops and other energy-guzzling portable devices could run on long-lasting, easily recharged fuel cells based on a safe and practical...

Hydrogen Easier to Extract from Urine Than from Water

I know - it sounds gross, but obtaining hydrogen from urea is actually cheaper than obtaining it from water, through the same electrolysis process. The study is being led by Gerardine Botte of Ohio University and it all started from an idea to recycle the wastewater.

Purification of Hydrogen Extracted from CNG Made More Efficient With New Dispersed Platinum Catalyst

A consortium involving three universities has devised an atomically dispersed platinum catalyst that could be of use in future hydrogen production systems. Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos from Tufts University and Manos Mavrikakis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison published their research in today's Science journal.

Obama's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Budget Cut Doesn't Stop Researchers

Although Obama's recent budgeting won't be allowing more than 40% of what's been allowed until May 9 for fuel cell research, others don't find his decision to quit financing this technology as easy as he or his administration does. Furthermore, there are people and institutions actively searching for other investment resources to pursue the fuel cell business and dream.
General Motors Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Prototype

Why the Sudden Interest in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles?

Well, hydrogen fuel cells have been around for a long time, and vehicles powered by them have been in the works for decades. Is...

Mobion Methanol Micro Fuel Cell v4: New Energy Density Records

The Mobion methanol fuel cell engine has surpassed its previous performance, with the fourth version reaching a power density of 84mW/cm², while maintaining its fuel efficiency of 1800Wh/kg, or 1.4Wh/cc.