ACAL Energy FlowCath Fuel Cell is Cheaper and Lasts as Long as Conventional Engines

Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Now as Durable as Conventional Engines

Aside from the expense of manufacturing a hydrogen fuel cell, ~$40,000 in the case of one Daimler fuel cell stack, lifespan is still lacking. If...

Boeing Tests Reversible Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Boeing has developed a new type of fuel cell that can store and generate electricity. The invention is now under testing. Earlier this week, Boeing...

FCS Alsterwasser: The First Ship Powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

FCS Alsterwasser, the first ship entirely powered by hydrogen fuel cells developed by Alster-Touristik GmbH in 2009, has been operating on inner city waterways...
Fuel Cell Vehicle, just as affordable as a hybrid?

Fuel Cell Cars to Price Competitively with Clean-Diesel, says Toyota

Fuel cell cars are nothing new, and their price is certainly nothing to sniff at, which makes some people wonder who will adopt the...

Hydrogen to be Produced Cheaply With 19th Century Invention

G.D. Botto, an Italian inventor and physicist, performing experiments on a technique for hydrogen generation, has discovered that a chain of iron and platinum wires, wrapped around a wooden stick and alternately connected as thermocouples, can be used to convert a temperature difference into an electric voltage.
Mercedes-Benz Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles in the UK – Future in Doubt

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles may very well be the future, and administrators in the UK are expecting to have the first on the road...
End of the line for Toyota RAV4 EV

Is This The End of The Line for Toyota RAV4 EV?

Toyota’s stance on electric vehicles seems to be clear, so the end of the Toyota RAV4 EV doesn’t really come as a shock. Instead, Toyota...
Forze VI Hydrogen Fuel Cell Race Car - Could be Certified to Run the Caterham Cup in Denmark

Forze VI – Fuel Cell Race Car to Compete in Dutch Caterham Cup

The Dutch Caterham Cup is a Lotus 7 race league. These cars weigh in at just 1,212 pounds and are powered by 200hp engines....

Ion Tiger, Fuel Cell Powered UAV Sets Flight Time Record

Ion Tiger is a hydrogen-powered fuel cell unmanned air vehicle (UAV) developed by the Naval Research Laboratory . It has set an unofficial flight endurance record by flying 23 hours and 17 minutes at Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Lung-Shaped Fuel Cell Decreases Platinum Usage, Increases Efficiency

An interesting case of biomimetrics comes from Norway's Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo, where Signe Kjelstrup designed a fuel cell having the interior structure similar to that of the lungs. This is a case where both the shape and the function were imported from naturally-developed organisms.