Hyundai/Toyota Partnership to Sell 1,000 Hydrogen-Powered Trucks

Hydrogen vehicles may have finally received the boost that is needed to propel the technology forward. Hyundai announced on Wednesday that it will sell...

Blacklight`s Free Energy Device Finally Verified by Rowan University

As far as I know from 7th grade, hydrogen is the only chemical element that has only one electron spinning around the nucleus. It seems, though things are going to change here, since a medical doctor from New Jersey has discovered a different reality on it. The company Randell Mills founded is called Blacklight Power, and it has been written all over the internet about it a few months ago, when they firstly announced their "free energy" device discovery.

NASA to Make Its Future Rocket Fuel From Water and Aluminum

At first, I found it surprising, but when I did some research and had a second though about it, I learned that when NASA or any other space agency launches a space ship, it consumes about 773 tons of ammonium perchlorate, and releases some 230 tons of hydrochloric acid immediately after launch.

Portable Fuel Cell Charger by Horizon, Now Available Commercially

Horizon, a fuel cell manufacturing company from Singapore, has recently unveiled a small hydrogen fuel cell charger that could juice your gadgets (PDA, phone, MP3, etc). It's called MiniPAK, and it uses refillable solid-state hydrogen cartridges (called HydroSTIK) to store its power.
ACAL Energy FlowCath Fuel Cell is Cheaper and Lasts as Long as Conventional Engines

Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Now as Durable as Conventional Engines

Aside from the expense of manufacturing a hydrogen fuel cell, ~$40,000 in the case of one Daimler fuel cell stack, lifespan is still lacking. If...

Hydrogen Easier to Extract from Urine Than from Water

I know - it sounds gross, but obtaining hydrogen from urea is actually cheaper than obtaining it from water, through the same electrolysis process. The study is being led by Gerardine Botte of Ohio University and it all started from an idea to recycle the wastewater.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bicycle, a World-First by Linde AG

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bicycle, a World-First by Linde AG

Linde, Germany’s largest supplier of industrial gas, including hydrogen, already has a number of hydrogen fuel stations, at least one hundred at last count,...
Hydrogen Fuel Station

How Hydrogen Can Become the Fuel of Choice in the Future

The idea of using hydrogen fuel as an energy source is amazing since it doesn't produce any pollution. However, producing pure hydrogen from water...
Toyota Mirai's zero-emissions high-tech hybrid is "the future" of automobile transportation.

Toyota Mirai is “The Future” of Toyota, Literally!

The culmination of decades of research and development, Toyota’s first mass-production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota Mirai, will start deliveries next month in...

Study: Underground Hydrogen Storage is Cheapest, but Hard to Implement

Just like natural gas is being stored for eons in the underground, hydrogen could too one day be stored the same way. This is...