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Advancing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology – Toyota Opens Patent Vault

Over the last couple of decades, a lot of research and development money has been poured into hydrogen fuel cell technology, one form of...

Connecticut Scheduled to Get Massive Fuel Cell Park for its Power Grid

In an unlikely move for a US utility company, a Connecticut utility has signed an agreement with a power company on the east coast...

Whey Could Be Used as Power Source For Microbial Fuel Cells, Greek Scientist Discovers

Dr. Georgia Antonopoulou, a biochemical engineer from the University of Patras in Greece, has discovered that whey coming from cheese factories can be used by cultures of bacteria contained in microbial fuel cells to generate electricity. Whey is a lactose-rich organic material, and it is usually disposed.

France To Have First Hydrogen-Powered Car By 2015

France's first hydrogen powered car was tested at Marcoussis, a town in the center of the country, and will be put on sale by...

New Ceramic Material Makes Fuel Cells Capable of Using Normal Fuels

Researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology have invented a new type of ceramic material that could widen the uses of SOFCs, so they could also be used with a wide range of liquid or gaseous fuels, without the need of separating hydrogen or cleaning them.

Scientists Use Palladium as Core to New Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Improving Nanoparticle

Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity when fed with hydrogen, which combines with oxygen and results water. Still, hydrogen fuel cells are expensive due to the catalyst used in the cathode for the reaction known as oxygen reduction. That catalyst is 100% pure platinum, which is a rare and expensive material.

Lung-Shaped Fuel Cell Decreases Platinum Usage, Increases Efficiency

An interesting case of biomimetrics comes from Norway's Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo, where Signe Kjelstrup designed a fuel cell having the interior structure similar to that of the lungs. This is a case where both the shape and the function were imported from naturally-developed organisms.

What burning a little hydrogen can do…

  What a little bit of hydrogen can do...

63% Efficient Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Developed by NGK

Highly efficient hydrogen fuel cells are wanted due to the high price the existing ones have so far. So, being efficient means less money spent on them, and more market share for hydrogen. SOFCs (solid oxide fuel cell) are a type of hydrogen fuel cell that use solid (not liquid) electrolyte to do their job, while being much more efficient.
A hydrogen fueled vehicle like this could be more popular soon.

Modified Enzyme May Bring Affordable Hydrogen Fuel One Step Closer

Hydrogen has high potential to fuel vehicles, but as pure hydrogen does not exist naturally, it must be derived from other compounds that contain...