Daniel Dingel’s Working Water Powered Car

This is a REAL car working with REAL water... through electrolysis. It seems that the re-mix of hydrogen and oxygen actually produces more energy than it takes to split them! Daniel Dingel from Philippines has made 100 motors work on water and wants to spread them to the world, so any country can reverse engineer it and make something better off it. It's really amazing how we were taught since kids that water only kills fire... not always!

Top 10 Home Energy Storage Tesla Rivals

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How to Beat the Agony of a Dying Phone Battery

Phones and tablets are our main computers these days. We rely on them. Manufacturers limit the device's performance once battery capacity has...

DIY: Make Electricity Using Your Backyard Stream

The main idea is simple: find yourself a river, make sure its falling abruptly enough to have the necessary speed and velocity to spin your turbine, and make the necessary piping and flow control system.

10 Ideas to Generate Green Energy

We keep publishing stories on how to generate renewable energy, which tell us about investments worth millions. Scientific research, energy companies as well as governmental...

DIY: How to Make a Wind-Powered Phone Charger

For those who have the skill and interest in homemade electronics, and those who know someone who do, read the rest of this post...

A Step Ahead For Zinc Oxide Piezoelectrics: Over 20 Times Power Improvement

Piezoelectrics are a class of materials that, if applied a mechanical force, exert an electric current on the sides. You may already have knowledge about this, but researchers are studying how to take piezoelectric materials to the next step.

New Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Goes 1,300km a Year on Its Solar Panel Alone

In the old times, there were Priuses. Now, it's Hyundai. They just launched their Sonata Hybrid and it has a solar roof charging...

Mechanical Battery – Flywheel-Powered 90% Efficient Energy Storage

We have been so focused on chemical storage systems lately, that some us forget other old, seemingly more efficient, mechanical batteries. Such a battery is the flywheel. Several successful experiments have been carried out in the last 50 years, and the flywheel's applications ranged from acting as a UPS for a hospital to putting an entire train to movement and then to cruise speed, only by its power.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Flying Car Reaches 400 Miles of Range

Massachusetts startup Alaka’i has designed a flying car that the company touts as the “first air mobility vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells”. On...