Nanowires Could Potentially Double the Power of Solar Cells

Nanowire-based solar cells are being developed by a startup in Massachusetts, Bandgap Engineering, in the hopes of lowering costs while increasing power of solar...
Fatima Al Kaabi invents solar bag that can charge electronic gadgets, power lights and fan for trekkers

13 Year-Old Fatima-Al-Kaabi Invents Solar Bag for Trekkers

13-year-old Fatima Al Kaabi of UAE has invented a solar bag that can charge electronic gadgets, supply power to lights and a fan for...

Solar and Wind Farms Sharing Equipment to Become More Cost-Efficient

A team of researchers at the University of Western Ontario has developed a new way to use solar and wind power installations to reduce costs and improve their cost efficiency. Two Ontario power companies have already signed on to use the new technology.

New Solar Cell 'Scribing' Technology Uses Ultra-Fast Laser, Could Yield Efficiency Gains

A new technology that could bring an increase in solar cell efficiency has been presented by Purdue researchers. They use an ultra-fast pulsing laser which creates "microchannels" needed to connect the solar cells in series, for building a usable system.

Vindicator Laser Wind Sensor Increases the Output of Wind Turbines

The Manassas, Virginia-based Catch the Wind has signed an agreement with National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) to test the company's Vindicator laser wind sensor that automatically optimizes wind turbine direction to boost its output.

H2GO: Run Your Car On Water & Gasoline System Unveiled at SEMA 2008

For whoever laughed at those inventions and inventors claiming that they run their cars on hydrogen, or improve their mileage using hydrogen generated on-board their cars, here's a piece of news that's going to raise an eyebrow.

Modular, Portable Nuclear Reactors: Energy Solution for Poor Countries?

Modular thinking has brought us many wonderful things in technology, medicine, and in most exact sciences. I see no reason why it should not work in power generation.

Stromatolites From Australia Give Clues on Infrared Light Harvesting for Solar Cells

If we learned to fly from birds, and to swim from fish, then why shouldn't we learn to extract our energy like plants do? The Australian Shark Bay gives us a clue on how we could.

Super Affordable and Compact d.light Solar Lantern Exceeds Users Expectations

All camping and hiking lovers know that one of the most essential gadgets that every backpack should contain is a good light source of...

Mazda Hydrogen Car – to be Tested on Japan’s Roads

Mazda is in the process of testing a car that runs on both hydrogen and gasoline (it's a dual fuel system). They're allowed to test the car on the public roads from Japan.