New Aluminum Nitrate-Based Device Converts Low-Frequency Vibrations to Electricity

A team of scientists from the Institute of Microelectronics at the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) claim to have found the source...

Teenager Develops $5 Device to Harness Wind and Solar Power

Thirteen years old Maanasa Mendu developed a $5-wind and solar hybrid system to generate renewable energy. Teenagers often manage to amaze us with their forward...

Piezo Shower: Newly Invented Piezoelectric Nanowires Used to Heat Water Through Friction

The water that you unleash when you take a shower (with the "hot" knob closed) has two properties: pressure and temperature. You can change pressure, but to raise its temperature you usually need extra energy. Regularly, you don't shower with the water knob turned to the maximum, so a certain extra pressure exists in the tubing, creating friction.

Micro-Scaled Piezoelectric Device Harvests Electricity from Vibrations

The world we live is full of f vibrating surfaces like train stations, dance floors and highways that that could yield a rich trove of clean, eco-friendly energy. It is called piezoelectric energy, formed by the conversion of mechanical strain into electricity.

Harvesting Energy From Small Vibrations for Use in Pacemakers and Implants

University of Michigan researchers, at their Engineering Research Center for Wireless Integrated Microsystems, have just created highly efficient some energy-harvesting devices that use the energy from surrounding arbitrary, non-periodic vibrations.

Skin-Like Piezoelectric Device Could Save Thousands of Dollars by Replacing Batteries

Researchers from the University of Notre Dame in the US have designed a PZT (lead zirconate titanate) piezoelectric device that resembles skin (they called it the EH skin) and that can harness energy from the mechanical work applied to it. The new device can be used in a variety of applications, ranging from wireless sensor units to patches that get energy from vibrations and pass it on to the grid. The sample they tested got as much as 3.7 mW.

Israel Highway Equipped With Pilot Piezoelectric Generator System

Yesterday morning, the Hefer intersection along the old coastal road of Route 4 in Israel was the place where a piezoelectric generator was put to the test and generated some 2,000 watt-hours of electricity. The setup consists of a ten-meter strip of asphalt, with generators lying underneath, and batteries in the road's proximity.

Highways in California Could Actually Produce Energy

When cars or trains move on the surface of the earth, they produce vibrations. These vibrations can be captured and directed through underground piezoelectric materials to a smart grid or roadside batteries.

Proof-of-Concept Piezoelectric Generators Used to Recover Energy from Wind

City College of New York researchers, led by professor Yiannis Andreopoulos, are studying how to incorporate piezoelectric electricity generators into cars and planes, so they can convert the kinetic energy of motion into electricity.

Stony Brook Gets Award for Piezoelectric Railroad Energy Harvestor

Engineers at Stony Brook University in New York have won a national award for developing an energy harvestor that significantly reduces railroads’ carbon dioxide...