Rice Solar Energy Project Uses Molten Salts To Store Californian Sunlight For Use At...

A new and revolutionary solar power project has been recently approved by the state of California. SolarReserve is the company behind the Rice Solar Energy Project, which will store heat from thermal collectors in molten salt beneath the surface.

Solar Power is Just Like Flu: You Can Catch It From Your Neighbor

Researchers from Yale and New York University recently completed a study of solar installations in California, covering January 2001 to December 2011. What...
Iron Oxide for Cheaper Solar Hydrogen Fuel Production

Hydrogen Fuel Production Costs Could Decrease with New Materials

As automakers improve their technology to reduce emissions, one technology that's slowly coming to fruition is the hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel itself is...

Weidlinger's Hybrid Roof Solar Panels Delivering Both Electricity and Heat

Usually, heat and light cannot be separated, because heat is a also a form of energy that we can't ignore. Weidlinger Associates, a NY-based company, received a $150,000 grant this week to develop better, more durable hybrid solar roof panels.

$1 Million Could Kickstart Project That Turns US Roads Into Solar Farms

Wouldn't it be amazing if all infrastructure, regardless of whether it is a building roof or a busy highway, is fitted with solar panels...

Huge Swiss Airplane Powered Only by Solar Cells Takes Off For 36h Flight

A huge plane powered by solar energy is being tested in Switzerland. In December, the airplane made its first successful test flight, rising at a height of just one meter above the ground.

ICP Solar Panels to be Mounted on Future Nissan Models

Modern cars need a lot of battery power due to the high electricity consumption by those electronic gadgets people have in them. Often, the car sales personnel confronts with the issue of a dead battery when they are trying to sell a vehicle that has been standing parked for a long time.

Earthship: Dennis Weaver's Proof You Can Build Greener

Dennis Weaver (1924-2006), a retired actor, environmentalist, humanitarian, has built a house whose walls are made of nothing but rubber tires and cans. It is very energy-efficient, as he himself discovered, powered mostly by solar panels and renewable energy.
Cambridge University Resolution Solar Car to Race the Australia Solar Challenge

Cambridge University Resolution Solar Car On the Right Track to Australia Solar Challenge

Aside from their ability to carry a passenger, solar cars have almost nothing in common with on-road vehicles than they do with the vehicles...

Xcel Energy Starts Hybrid Power Plant in Colorado

Designed by Abengoa Solar, a Spanish company that has its U.S. headquarters in Lakewood, the $4.5 million plant which is slated for shutdown by the end of 2010, has been converted to test the use of parabolic-trough mirrors.