Mobile Hybrid Power System to Empower Rural Masses

Can you imagine a day without cable TV, or without air-conditioning, or maybe without the convenience of an electrical outlet, or even light on...

Fraunhofer's Very Efficient Solar Cell Concentrator

Solar cell system which concentrate solar light through lenses seem to be the most efficient and advantageous. The concentrator enables the system to work with cheaper lens system instead of expensive semi-conductor materials, making it as well more efficient.

Paper-Printed Solar Cells Invented in MIT's New Solar Research Center

For the first time in history, scientists at the MIT have coated paper with a solar cell at the newly opened Eni-MIT Solar Frontiers Research Center. The coating technique is similar to that of an inkjet printer - the big difference is that the coating is this time a semiconductor, not ink.

HydroICE Solar-Powered Engine May Compete with Photovoltaic Panels

Imagine an internal combustion engine that runs on solar-heated oil and water instead of gasoline. Sound crazy? Two Missouri-based inventors Ben Cooper and Matt...

Artificial Leaves Will Convert Light into Electricity

Researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands plan to develop artificial leaf using nature's building blocks to harness solar energy even in the worst places.

New Polymer That Harvests Both Heat and Light Invented at Wake Forest University

One day we will get as far as taking a shower and turning on the heat in our room with the energy our roof has collected over the day. And when I say this I feel encouraged by the new solar-thermal device based on polymer material that Wake Forest University researchers invented.

Major Comeback of Building-Integrated Solar Panels by 2017

A new report, released by Pike Research, shows that the market for solar panels built into building roofs and walls will grow from 400MW...

Nation’s Largest Community-Owned Solar Facility Now Available

Clean Energy Collective together with San Miguel Power Association makes available clean energy produced locally for anyone in the area with a 1.1 MW...

India to Develop Solar-Powered UAVs That Can Fly For Longer

What if, instead of waiting for the sun to come to you, you would meet it half way? I'm not talking about any spiritual...

Japanese Optical Fiber Solar Cell Harvesting Infrared

New types of solar cells emerge every month, but this particular kind has caught my attention, not due to its efficiency (approx 1%), but to the idea that conceived it.