Zinc Oxide Solar Cells Receiving 8 Percent Boost With Food Dyes

Zinc oxide-based solar cells have just received an innovation from an Indian scientist, Ram Mehra of Sharda University in Greater Noida, India. He claims boosting the capacity of zinc oxide fuel cells and making them capture more of the incident light by using a blended mixture of common dyes, regularly used in food and medical industries.

Helioculture: Making Biofuel from CO2 by Using Solar Power

California-based startup, Joule Biotechnologies is developing a unique process using solar energy that converts carbon dioxide into liquid biofuel. This new process could yield up to 20,000 gallons of usable fuel per year per acre of land for approximately the same cost as fossil fuels.

Thin-Film Solar Reappearing On The Energy Market

The hope for thin-film solar has not been completely lost as the start-up Solexant is looking to raise more funds for the technology. Initially considered...

New York Firemen Benefiting From Solar Power

Providing emergency medical services and fire protection on a 7 square miles area involves high costs,so installing a solar powered system will save the fire station nearly $200k.

Glitter-Sized Photovoltaic Cells Expected to Produce More Power at Less Cost

â€Ã…“Eventually units could be mass-produced and wrapped around unusual shapes for building-integrated solar, tents and maybe even clothing. This would make it possible for hunters, hikers or military personnel in the field to recharge batteries for phones, cameras and other electronic devices as they walk or rest.” said Greg Nielson, Sandia lead investigator.

This New Breakthrough Could Boost the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells

The organic solar cell technology promises low-cost manufacturing, abundant raw materials, and lightweight, flexible substrates. These benefits address the limitations of current photovoltaic cells...
A SolarCity installation isn't really complete without a Tesla battery.

SolarCity and Tesla Batteries, Together Forever

We know that renewable energy, such as that provided by SolarCity solar panel installations, is only useful as long as the sun is shining,...

Double-glazed Solar Panels: New Approach to Solar Energy Efficiency

Upon acknowledging that at present, the improvement of solar cell’s efficiency has already reached its maximum with only gradient increases if any, the two...
Tesla isn't JUST electric vehicles.

Tesla is Not Just a Car Company

True, Tesla Motors is most well-known for its award-winning electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S, but CEO Elon Musk’s vision goes so much further. The...

Gazelle 2: Iran's Third 100% Solar Powered Electric Car

Even if this is the country's third solar-powered car, it is called "Iranian Gazelle 2" and it is a completely national product both in its conception and construction. Presented on Sunday, the car's project manager, Karen Abarnia assures us that it excels on a number of features, as sequels usually do.