Small Solar Panel

“Pocket Solar Factory” Could Reduce Small-Scale Solar Panel Prices

For the most part, solar panels in calculators, cell-phone chargers, emergency radios, and the like, are a task done by hand. Individual silicon solar...

Measuring Photocurrents Generated by a Single Protein

Joachim Reichert, Johannes Barth, Alexander Holleitner (Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Clusters of Excellence MAP and NIM), and Itai Carmeli (Tel Aviv University), proudly present their...

Solar Powered Microgrids To Be Used By U.S. Army In Afghanistan

Currently, the U.S. Army's electricity generators are largely dependent on oil. This is the reason why Uncle Sam plans to install solar powered microgrids in Afghanistan in order to reduce its energy-related vulnerabilities in the field.

Eric’s Homemade Mirror Solar Concentrator Melts Metals and Concrete in Seconds (Video)

Here's Eric Jacqmain, who built his "Death Ray" out of a normal satellite dish with 5,800 small mirrors on it. He worked about 24 hours on the project whose results you can see in the video below.

SunEdison to Start Construction of 400 MW Solar Power Plants in Korea

SunEdison, a global leader in solar electricity power systems has signed an agreement with a South Korean province (Gyeongsangnam-do) to build solar power plants capable of producing 400 megawatts of clean energy.
2013 Was a Year of Highs for Solar Power

Ten Best Solar Power Events in 2013 (Infographic)

2013 has been a banner year for solar power installations and achievements around the world. SolarMosaic put together this great infographic highlighting the top...

New Layering Technology Makes Ultra-Efficient Solar Cells Available Not Only for Satellites

Silicon is hardly the most efficient material for use in solar cells, but it is used because it's cheaper to make silicon solar cells. Gallium arsenide, for example, is a much more efficient semiconductor than silicon, but has a high manufacturing cost. Now, a team of scientists from the University of Illionis, devised a technology that builds gallium arsenide solar cells in a much cheaper fashion, making them more cost-efficient.

China Fights Back EU’s Taxes on Solar Panels by Putting Tax on Wine

The European Commission confirmed their decision to impose duties on imports of solar panels from China, as of June, 6th. In return, the Chinese...

Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project to Power Las Vegas Starting Next Year

Molten salt storage facilities have literally flooded the news lately, as they're present in most of the countries harvesting solar power in a serious...

Solar Roadways Project Wins $50,000 Ecomagination Prize

After participating in the GE Ecomagination Challenge and winning $50,000, Scott Brusaw and his wife Julie Brusaw are much more optimistic in what concerns their Solar Roadways project, which aims to make the road produce electricity through embedded solar panels.