Body Heat Harvesting Wearable Patch Better than Batteries

There is a new hope for keeping wearable gadgets hooked as long as you like, without even minding of charging them. An NSF sponsored nanoengineering...

Thermoelectric Phone Charger Provides Electricity From Camp Fire

Hatsuden-Nabe is the name of a device that can charge up your cellphone by using wasted heat. It's available in Japan since yesterday and it surely attracts a lot of hikers and adventurers, who think this could save their lonesome journeys.

MIT’s New Invention Harvests Energy from Changes in Ambient Temperature

When two different materials have different temperatures, the temperature gradient causes the charge carriers to move from the hotter material to the cooler material. ...

New Pyroelectric Device Transforms Heat into Electricity With 30% Efficiency

Thermoelectric devices transform waste heat into electricity and can one day provide increased efficiency for everything from small gadgets to power plants. Scott Hunter, working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) hopes his new heat-recovering invention will scavenge lost heat with an efficiency of up to 30 percent.

New Thermoelectric Device Produces 5W/cm², Could Save Laptop Batteries

Netxtreme, a company providing thermal solutions, has come up with a thermoelectric evaluation kit, called eTEG UPF40 (embedded ThermoElectric Generator). It's an interesting concept, because of its efficiency (greater than that of standard thermoelectric materials) at converting heat into electricity.

Cheap and Efficient Thermoelectric Material Turns Waste Heat Into Eectricity

New thermoelectric material, tetrahedrite, a naturally occurring mineral, non-toxic and super efficient conductor that turns waste heat into power, goes on sale by Alphabet...
Ikea electric table concept

Thermoelectric Table from Ikea Turns Heat Into Electricity

You may not realize how much heat everyday objects give off. Your computer, television, or even your cup of tea – all of these...
KAIST Could Capture Our Own Renewable Energy

Thermoelectric Generator Harvests Renewable Energy, Yours

As pointed out in a famous movie, human beings generate a lot of extra heat. This renewable energy source could be harvested, hopefully not...

BMW, Ford, GM to Test Thermoelectric Devices on Real Cars This Summer

Thermoelectric materials are used to convert heat into electricity. These devices have applicability in all kinds of industries and machinery, ranging from cars to coal-fired power plants. The world's greatest automobile manufacturers, BMW, Ford and GM have committed themselves to equip test cars with prototype thermoelectric devices by the end of this summer and see how they'll behave.
Thermoelectric Devices Could Improve Overall Efficiency by Recovering Waste Heat

Osmoblue Thermoelectric Device Works at Lower Temperatures

Aside from energy efficiency, energy recovery could be the next best way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Thermoelectric devices use waste heat to generate...