Lead Telluride-Based Thermoelectric Device Breaks Efficiency Record Barrier

Just like a savior knight, energy recovery comes to help the industries that pollute most and that waste large quantities of heat. A 14% efficiency has been reported for a newly-invented thermoelectric nanomaterial by the researchers of Northwestern University in Illinois. So far, efficiency values in this field didn't exceed 10%.
Exhaust Gas Thermoelectric Generator - GenTherm

Practical Thermoelectric Power Possible with Newly Invented Material

Energy efficiency, that is, the amount of usable energy in a given fuel, is based off a number of factors. Hydrocarbon fuels, for example,...
Atsumitech Synergy Cell Uses Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology to Improve Fuel Economy

Motorcycle Uses Hydrogen Fuel Cell to Recover Lost Energy

I've seen hydrogen fuel cells being tested as range-extenders and as full-blown propulsion systems, but I kind of like this setup, as an energy...

Thermopower Waves: MIT's Invention That Could Change Batteries and Devices Forever

Thermopower waves are a phenomenon that happens when powerful waves of energy shoot through carbon nanotube wires, creating electricity. The researchers from MIT are responsible for this discovery, thus opening a new area of rare energy research.

VW Equipping Future Cars With Heat Recovery Systems

The International Thermoelectric Society website reported that Volkswagen showed a prototype vehicle equipped with a thermoelectric generator, recovering the dissipated heat energy and converting it into electricity. The prototype has been shown at the "Thermoelektrik - Eine Chance Für Die Atomobillindustrie?" meeting held in Berlin in October 2008.

Organic Thermoelectric Conversion Material to Be Used in Human Health Monitoring Devices

Using an organic polymer, Fujifilm Corp developed an organic thermoelectric conversion material and claims the material demonstrates the highest thermoelectric conversion efficiency in the...

New Formula Speeds Up Development of Thermoelectric Materials

Identifying materials that have high potential for converting heat to electricity have just become much easier, as researchers from Houston University released a new...

Novotech's System Generates Renewable Energy from Asphalt

Scientists at Novotech and two Massachusetts universities are working to create a new system that could channel heat from asphalt and other paving materials into clean and usable energy.

Move Over Noisy Compressors, Phononic’s Thermoelectric Heat Pump is Here

A quiet energy efficient fridge, coffee table that can chill drinks, radiant on-demand temperature control for rooms. All this could become reality with large...

Pierre Poudeu’s Thermoelectric Alloy Converts Heat 200% Better

A new thermoelectric material has emerged from a University of Michigan lab. Pierre Ferdinand P. Poudeu, assistant professor of material science and engineering, has developed a...