New Underwater Turbines Use Shallow Water to Make Electricity

Seattle-based Hydrovolts Inc. has developed a new system which can be used to generate electricity from small, unassuming waterways such as irrigation canals, without the use of dams.

SAROS, Portable Desalination Plant Powered by Waves

SAROS is one of a kind, portable desalination plant, which converts sea water into drinking water, powered by sea waves. With climate change taking its...

World’s First Artificial Tidal Lagoons to Get Built in UK

The UK might soon be the first in the world to have artificial tidal lagoons, which will generate clean power by harnessing energy from...

An Interesting Approach to a Wave Powered Electricity Generator

I received a message today from a reader suggesting a particular website. I read the information on that particular website, and there was presented a hybrid energy producing system by using the waves as a "catalyst" for the operation of a diesel-powered generator.

Renewable Hydrokinetic Energy Could Meet 10% of U.S. Electricity Needs, Study Says

The newest affordable clean energy source that scientists have laid eyes on is the one provided by hydrokinetic systems such as ocean waves and free-flowing rivers. Researchers estimate that this â€Ã…“fresh” source of energy could supply electricity to meet up to 10% of America's power needs.

DIY: How to Make a Wave Powered Boat

You may use small wood boards, or toy boats "borrowed" from your kids. Or as well you may teach your little ones how to build a free energy device.

Oceanlinx Unveils World’s First 1 MW Wave Power Harvesting Unit in Australia

The first ever power unit that generates 1 megawatt of wave power began operation in Southern Australia. Although will remain relatively small for the next...

Sailing Ships to Produce Hydrogen Onboard With Oceans' Energy

Scientists at the University of California Davis are working to develop a technology that will allow sailing ships to generate electricity from the ocean while they are far from the shores. This fleet of sailing ships would then turn wind power into hydrogen, which would be stored onboard, to be unloaded later and used.

Make Waves with an Open Source Tidal Power Simulator

This is probably news for geeks, but have you ever considered developing your own wave power generator? If what is holding you back is...

Oyster – World's Largest Hydro-Electric Wave Energy Device Goes Online

Queen's University Belfast, Aquamarine Power Ltd. and the Scottish government have recently launched the largest working hydro-electric wave energy device, taking an important step for global wave energy industry.