Tidal Power May Become Major United Kingdom Energy Source

According to a report in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, estuary barges and tidal streams might be able to provide...

Florida Harvesting the Gulf Stream for Electricity and Hydrogen

Florida's needs of electricity have made scientists think about never energy solutions. The needs of 4-7 million homes are so big that conventional energy would be too expensive and pollutant to still be used.

Wing Waves: Harvesting Wave Power By Swinging Beneath The Surface

A wave power test plant has been deployed on Nov. 17 two miles offshore of Fort Pierce, Fla., and is now being tested by its designers, researchers from Florida Institute of Technology's College of Engineering. The power plant has been named "Wing Waves," and works by harvesting the elliptical motion of waves 30 to 60 feet deep, and converting it into electricity.

Oceanlinx Unveils World’s First 1 MW Wave Power Harvesting Unit in Australia

The first ever power unit that generates 1 megawatt of wave power began operation in Southern Australia. Although will remain relatively small for the next...

Aquabank – Underground Energy Storage and Production

Riverbank Power has developed a project that is of high interest. Water gathered in a bungalow on a river shore will fall in a 600m deep gallery where turbines are mounted. The water pressure will rotate the huge turbines which will create electrical power.

Hydrostatic Turbines: a Concept That May Revolutionize How We Harvest Deep-Sea Waves

An interesting concept for producing energy has caught my eyes today, and I think it might even work. The devices that Phil Pauley conceived are called "Hydrostatic Turbines", and operate at high water depths.

"Oyster" Device Harnessing Near Shore Wave Power

The Oyster is basically a steel oscillating wave surge converter. It is fitted with double-direction water pistons, deployed near-shore at depths of 10 to 12m. As waves activate it, the pump delivers high pressure water through a sub-sea pipeline straight to the shore, as seen in the picture above.

BioWave – free electricity from mimicking sea plants

A long time ago, nature set its oceans and the living things in them. There were plants residing on the bottom of the ocean,...

Swing Door WaveRoller Generates Up to 300KW of Energy in the Surge Zone

One of the simplest ideas of harvesting the ocean power was developed by Rauno Koivusaari, a fin diver who got inspired by exploring the depths of the seas and lots of shipwrecks.
Wave Energy Converters

Wave Energy Converters: Are They Ready For This Century?

Wave energy converters are always specially designed to ensure that they generate maximum possible electricity from the movement of the waves around them. The...