Sailing Ships to Produce Hydrogen Onboard With Oceans' Energy

Scientists at the University of California Davis are working to develop a technology that will allow sailing ships to generate electricity from the ocean while they are far from the shores. This fleet of sailing ships would then turn wind power into hydrogen, which would be stored onboard, to be unloaded later and used.

HydroWing – Tethered Tidal and Marine Current Energy Generator

The SeaKinetics company recently has developed an innovative, tethered tidal and marine current energy generator known as the HydroWing, that is capable to provide zero carbon emission renewable energy by converting tidal power into clean electricity.

Wing Waves: Harvesting Wave Power By Swinging Beneath The Surface

A wave power test plant has been deployed on Nov. 17 two miles offshore of Fort Pierce, Fla., and is now being tested by its designers, researchers from Florida Institute of Technology's College of Engineering. The power plant has been named "Wing Waves," and works by harvesting the elliptical motion of waves 30 to 60 feet deep, and converting it into electricity.

Florida Harvesting the Gulf Stream for Electricity and Hydrogen

Florida's needs of electricity have made scientists think about never energy solutions. The needs of 4-7 million homes are so big that conventional energy would be too expensive and pollutant to still be used.

Oceanlinx Harvesting Australian Wave Power Very Efficiently

Oceanlinx has started since few years ago a renewable energy project based on wave energy. The device is a Oscillating Water Column which was first deployed in 2005 but this had undergone planned refurbishment and modifications this year. Today the device is again up and running and can generate from 100 Kw up to 1.5 MW, depending on the waves and requirements from consumers.

World's Biggest Tidal Power Plant Opened in South Korea

A few days ago, the President of South Korea, Lee Myung-bak has officially inaugurated what he claims to be the world's largest tidal power...

Oceanlinx Prepares to Deploy 2.5MW Tidal Power System Near Sydney

Engineers are performing the last tests and measurements before the grid-connection off the coast of Port Kembla, near Sydney. The system will be generating about 2.5MW by harvesting air pressure that will turn a wind turbine.

SEADOG Uses Waves' Own Power to Desalinate Sea Water

A company called Renew Blue, Inc. will use wave power to run a desalination plant in Freeport, Texas. The resulted water will be finally put into corn-based biodegradable plastic bottles. The SEADOG power system is made from a buoy which puts in motion a piston mechanism that rotates a water wheel to generate electricity.

WaveNET Floating Array Brings Back Hope in Wave Power

Although it has been around for quite a while, wave energy has not managed to compete with the big guys- wind and solar. The...

"Oyster" Device Harnessing Near Shore Wave Power

The Oyster is basically a steel oscillating wave surge converter. It is fitted with double-direction water pistons, deployed near-shore at depths of 10 to 12m. As waves activate it, the pump delivers high pressure water through a sub-sea pipeline straight to the shore, as seen in the picture above.