Tidal Power May Become Major United Kingdom Energy Source

According to a report in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, estuary barges and tidal streams might be able to provide...

An Interesting Approach to a Wave Powered Electricity Generator

I received a message today from a reader suggesting a particular website. I read the information on that particular website, and there was presented a hybrid energy producing system by using the waves as a "catalyst" for the operation of a diesel-powered generator.

"Oyster" Device Harnessing Near Shore Wave Power

The Oyster is basically a steel oscillating wave surge converter. It is fitted with double-direction water pistons, deployed near-shore at depths of 10 to 12m. As waves activate it, the pump delivers high pressure water through a sub-sea pipeline straight to the shore, as seen in the picture above.

BioWave – free electricity from mimicking sea plants

A long time ago, nature set its oceans and the living things in them. There were plants residing on the bottom of the ocean,...

Free Electricity by Using Yoghurt Pots

John Gilmartin, Scottish inventor, has found out a way to harness the free electricity from his backyard water stream near Staveley, in Cumbria, by using used youghurt pots and with the help of PhD engineering student Mr Cattley, now hopes to see the invention in the shops by the end of 2008.

Nova Energy's New Streamlined Tuna-Shaped Turbines Shaped To Be More Efficient

Kiyomi Suzuki, president of the Hyogo Prefecture firm Nova Energy Co., has come up with a new interesting project for the Seto Inland Sea that aims to produce huge amount of electricity from the energy of water currents, using streamlined turbines whose design resembles the tuna shape.
New Ocean Current Turbine Works Deeper, is Smaller and Cheaper than Current Designs

New Ocean Current Energy Harvester Cheaper and Easier to Maintain

Solar power drives everything on this planet, from ocean currents to the trade winds, all of which could be used to generate electricity for...

Wave-Powered Desalination Plant to Open in Australia

Wave energy developer Carnegie Wave Energy Limited (CWE) in Perth, Australia is poised to become the very first company in the world to build...

Hydrostatic Turbines: a Concept That May Revolutionize How We Harvest Deep-Sea Waves

An interesting concept for producing energy has caught my eyes today, and I think it might even work. The devices that Phil Pauley conceived are called "Hydrostatic Turbines", and operate at high water depths.

WaveNET Floating Array Brings Back Hope in Wave Power

Although it has been around for quite a while, wave energy has not managed to compete with the big guys- wind and solar. The...