Synthetic Leaves Performing Artificial Photosynthesis

A team of scientists at MIT and Michigan along with researchers at the University of California have discovered that artificial photosynthesis could produce electric energy.
Addressing Climate Change, Not for OUR Benefit, but THEIRS

Climate Change Action Hampered by Shortsightedness, Schelling Was Right

Our ability to make decisions today, such as addressing climate change, for a future that we may not even live to see, better conditions...

CO2 Capturing System to be Installed at Norwegian Cement Factory

A new and innovative CO2 capturing system is to be installed in Norway, at a Norcem cement producing plant in Brevik. Developed by Aker...

Gas Hydrates ("Burning Ice") Offer Clean Heating Solution

There is enough material underground to heat 100 million homes for a decade. With this amazing source of energy (the gas hydrates) researchers could develop systems that can provide green and cheap energy for all.

Snowbird: Amazing Human-Powered Airplane Flaps Its Wings Like A Bird (video)

At first, when I saw the title on Ecofriend talking about a human-powered aircraft, I said to myself that's another hopeless, useless green achievement of somebody working hard for nothing.

HighDro Power Produces Energy from High Buildings' Falling Waste

The device's working principle is very simple. "HighDro Power works by using the water discharged from appliances such as showers, toilets and sinks in high-rise apartments. The water goes down the pipe and hits four turbine blades that drive one generator."
Climate Change Leading to Earlier Ice Breakup on Mackenzie River (and the Polar Ice Caps?)

Climate Change, Warmer Spring, More Polar Ice Caps Melting

Previously, climate change scientists had calculated that warmer winters were contributing to fluctuations in the polar ice caps, but a recent discovery may change...

Chunlei Guo's Metal Pushing Water Uphill Without Extra Energy

Chunlei Guo, a researcher from the University of Rochester, along with a team of scientists, have created a slab of metal that can push water uphill, defying gravity, by using the capillary effect. It's the same effect that happens when you put a piece of fabric in a wine glass, for example, and hold it with your hand.

“Physical Internet” to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated With Logistics

Engineers at Virginia Tech University and the University of Arkansas conducted a study which shows that if businesses are linked together through a shared...

Protein Nanotubes Could Make Solar Panels Self-Washable

Scientists at the Tel Aviv University (TAU) are sure that their newest research in the nanotechnology field could lead to the development of a new type of solar panels and glass that need no cleaning and apparently put window washers out of work.