Stolen Electrons from Green Alga Demonstrate New Kind of Organic Solar Cells

WonHyoung Ryu at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, working with overseas colleagues from Stanford, found an interesting way of hybridization between a green alga, Chlamydomonas, and gold nanowires, to directly collect the electrons produced through photosynthesis by the plant.

Scientists Prove Net-Zero Homes Are Not Only a Futuristic Dream

If anybody tells you that having a net-zero energy home is impossible, do not trust them. They either live in denial or are simply...

New Highly Efficient Heat Pumps to Reduce Heating Costs in Cold Regions Discovered

According to a new study, heat pumps are not so efficient in extremely cold climates, only being suited for moderate climates. These provide cooling in summer and heating in winter. Researchers at Purdue University have recently developed a new type of heat pump that allows residents in cold climates to halve their heating bills, due to its high efficiency.

New Eco-Friendly Hydrogel Will Change the Biomedical Industry

Researchers from the Hokkaido University developed a material from hydrogel that can be used in biomaterials. This research, led by Professor Jian Ping Gong,...

How To Make a Low Temperature Differential (LTD) Stirling Engine

LTD stirling engines are interesting. They harvest the temperature difference of the environment versus a cold object, and using this they power some pumps. I...

Scientists Using Microwaves to Turn Waste Motor Oil Into Usable Fuel

British scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed a method of converting waste motor oil into diesel to be used in any diesel engine. By using microwaves and a specially-designed material, they burn the oil in the absence of oxygen, a process called pyrolysis.

Solar-Powered System Refines Magnesium and Uses It as Green Fuel

Researcher Takashi Yabe at the Tokyo Institute of Technology claims that he developed a system that can run on solar energy, to refine magnesium and use it as a source of fuel.

Solar Electrolysis for Dummies

Electrolysis: Obtaining hydrogen from water: The Basis for a Solar-Hydrogen Economy This project involves a fascinating experiment in electrochemistry that illustrates several important energy related...
Stereographic Image of Graphene Modeled in Paper - Still Not as Cool as the Real Thing

Saltwater Graphene Generator Discovered

Scientists and researchers are still coming up with ways to use graphene, perhaps the greatest wünder-material in recent memory. Graphene, an atom-thick single-layer two-dimensional lattice...
Honda's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack

Honda Testing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles With Vehicle to Grid Technology

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and plug-in vehicles are both essentially electric vehicles, but hydrogen refuels in minutes, compared to hours required to recharge a...