Eco-Friendly Hobbit Home Must be Destroyed According to City Planning Council

Charlie Hague and his partner Megan have been given two months to raze their “hobbit” house. The Pembrokeshire County Council has deemed the home...

Used Plastic Bottles Turn into Energy Efficient Housing

Used plastic bottles get a new life in Plastic Bottle Village. For many of us, eliminating plastic bottles from the daily activities presents a huge...
Possible Rendering of Apple Austin's New Campus

Apple Wants Eco-Friendly Campus in Austin

Apple's latest $300-million project in Austin, Texas looks to eventually double their workforce by 2021. The plans have undergone some changes since the project...
Facebook's fortworth data center

Facebook’s New Data Center Powered by 200 MW Texas Wind Farm

Facebook announced that its fifth privately owned and second 100 percent renewable energy powered data center is being built at Fort Worth, Texas, with...

RavenSkin: Letting The Sun's Heat Pass When Cold And Blocking It When Hot (Outside)

We would all like to have our houses heated during the winter and cooled during summer. This can't be done by using regular bricks, and sometimes a tree might just do its job properly, but what about those places where you can't really plant a tree and you live at the 20th floor? This is where RavenBrick's Skin wall systems come into play.
Home Energy Efficiency, Take a Closer Look

Belkin Echo Electricity Allows for Itemized Utility Bills, Saves Power

Home energy efficiency can be a difficult thing to tackle, when there are so many ways that a home can be INefficient. One way to...

Earthship: Dennis Weaver's Proof You Can Build Greener

Dennis Weaver (1924-2006), a retired actor, environmentalist, humanitarian, has built a house whose walls are made of nothing but rubber tires and cans. It is very energy-efficient, as he himself discovered, powered mostly by solar panels and renewable energy.
Green Home is Design AND Execution

Green Home Fail – 100% of Insulation Installations Defective in New Zealand

Green homes, especially where the climate is outside of human comfort zones, depend on proper insulation. Fiberglass insulation is a key component to the green...

America's First High School Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy

The greenest high school ever built will conserve energy by using 36 wind turbines and solar panels in conjunction with a green roof and systems that maximize the use of ventilation and natural light.

7 Tips on How to Renovate Your Home Energy-Efficiently

Renovating your home is always a pleasant activity, especially when the end result brings joy and comfort to the whole household. At The Green...