New Technology Charges Our Gadgets While We Walk

With every new smart phone, or cool portable technology that comes along, the need for having a wireless charger at our disposal at all...

Toto Ecopower: Self-Powered Infrared Electronic Faucet

Toto invented a self-powered faucet. Self-powered is a little exaggerated, because this electric faucet's sensor is powered by the electricity produced by a small turbine, located inside.

MN103L: The Newest 32-Bit Microcomputer From Panasonic That Has Green Features

Panasonic has just announced a new type of 32-bit microcomputers specially built for saving power and for flexible designs. Their main achievement of Panasonic is a built-in flash memory, which is the biggest player in the power saving feature.
SOL Solar Power Laptop Requires No Fossil-Fuel Plug!

SOL Laptop – Solar Power Laptop Now Available

Communication is important to everyone, just as the sun is important to everyone, which outlines the reason for the SOL Laptop, a solar power...

Is It Lack of Technology, or People Just Do Not Want to Recycle Old...

Mobile phone technologies are emerging all the time, with better, thinner and shinier gadgets multitasking better than an average person. But can recycling technologies keep...

LEDs Using Surface Plasmons Several Times Stronger, Japanese Researchers Report

We all know LED as being the flagship of green lighting, but what if those so-called "efficient" LEDs turned out to be even more energy-effective under certain conditions? The Kyoto University, in collaboration with Stanley Electric Co Ltd found a way to increase the emission intensity of silicon-based thin films by several times.

Lilliputian Systems’ “Nectar” Fuel Cell Provides Gadget Power for Weeks

In a bid to help supplement the increasing power demand of today’s gadgets, Lilliputian Systems this week introduced their Nectar Mobile Power System during...
Sofant SmartAntenna - Small and Light

Micro Antenna Boosts Mobile Connectivity and Battery Life

Are mobile phones and other wireless personal electronic devices green? While we don't boast how big our gasoline-powered mobile phone generators are, we have...

New Inkjet-Printed Antenna Harnesses Energy of Wideband Radio Frequencies

Manos Tentzeris, a researcher from the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering has invented a new type of antenna that could make harnessing the energy of otherwise wasted radio waves more easy and could yield a higher efficiency on a broader range of frequencies.

Green Device Detects When Your TV is on Standby and Shuts It

This is for those who often leave their TV sets and other electronics on standby, instead of shutting them down or putting them hibernate. I shamefully count myself among these guys from time to time, but I'm trying to recover.