ESL Light Bulbs: Greener Than CFL, Cheaper Than LEDs

Residential Lighting has invented a new type of light bulb, that claims green gains, even more green than the CFLs. The new technology is called ESL (electro-stimulated luminescence). The technology was patented in June by a startup company called Vu1.

‘Cold Pot’: A Bio Air Conditioner That Cools Down Air Using Only Water

Ever since IPCC released their report last week, warnings for rising temperatures and urges to switch to efficient and renewable energy sources, have flooded...

Self-Disassembling Circuit Board Paves the Way for Reusable and Recyclable Computer Parts

A printed circuit board that falls apart when submerged in hot water has been created by researchers at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL)....

Ultracell XX25 Methanol Fuel Cell – 8 Hours of Portable Power for Military Laptops

California-based company Ultracell designed this methanol fuel cell for the army. XX25 uses eight and a half ounces of methanol to supply power for a military laptop for eight hours. It can also be made to last longer if you attach it to a bigger tank of methanol.

Paper-Based Transistors: A Step Closer to Renewable Printed Electronics

In recent years we saw electronic devices including batteries and light-emitting diodes made of paper instead of glass or plastic. Now, the latest innovation...

Cyclus: A Spring-Powered Phone Charger by Japanese Designer

An idea by designer Satoshi Yanagisawa is using a spring, some gears and a small motor to produce about 3 watts of electricity. The 6-volt energy generator is hand-cranked, and its energy lasts for 30 minutes.

Airnergy: The Device That Charges Your Gadgets From WiFi Signals

Tesla had been dreaming about this many decades ago, and it seems his dreams even became reality, and several other thousands of minds all around the globe and over the time have been fantasizing about how would it be like to have your electronic devices powered wirelessly.

General Electric Unveils New Hybrid Halogen-CFC Light Bulbs

General Electric has created new halogen compact fluorescent light bulbs, GE Reveal and GE Energy Smart Soft, that unlike typical fluorescents (CFLs), contain less mercury (only 1 milligram) and don't take time to warm up, being more efficient.

How Can Modern-Day Technology Change The World?

Can modern-day technology change the world? This is the question that David Brin tackles in a remarkable piece published on the Red, Green and...

“Sol” Solar Powered Laptop Charges in 2h and Runs for 10

A solar powered laptop operating for nearly 10 hours after only 2 hours of charging is the latest technology from the Canadian company WeWi....