New Power Generating Backpack Brings Together Energy and Exercise

Want to stay healthy and active while creating usable energy? You may be able to have your cake and eat it too with new...

New Low-Speed Wi-Fi Technology Could Help Smart Grids Evolve Faster

A company called On-Ramp Wireless invented a technology that uses the same frequencies Wi-Fi network cards use, but modulates the signal in such a manner that it doesn't get distorted by noise, such as the surrounding networks. On the contrary, the Ultra-Link Processing technology can send signals to up to 45 miles and even uses much less power to do that, enabling savings in what concerns both energy and equipment deployed on the field by utilities.

‘Cold Pot’: A Bio Air Conditioner That Cools Down Air Using Only Water

Ever since IPCC released their report last week, warnings for rising temperatures and urges to switch to efficient and renewable energy sources, have flooded...
Nanoscale Wireless Device Developed at Columbia University

Super Efficient Nanoscale Wireless Devices Produced

Don't let anyone tell you any differently, but size does matter. This is just as true when we take a look at how computing...

Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Replace Indium-Oxide in Screen Displays

A breakthrough development emerged from the U.S Department of Energy’s (DOE) Ames Laboratory. Scientists have discovered a way to replace breakable metal-oxide, indium tin...

New Ferroelectric Material Used for Eco-Friendly Electronics

Researchers may have found a way to reduce the negative environmental impact of electronic devices. Massimo Capone and Gianluca Giovannetti of Istituto Officina dei Materiali...

Latest Trend: Human Movement Powered Devices

Remember those movies presenting slaves hundreds of years ago spinning a huge wheel to provide the emperor with water and energy? They did not do it for fun, yet nowadays there are two recent mediatized inventions that caught my eye. Curiously enough, they are being developed by two telecom operators: Orange and NTT.

Charge Your Gadgets With Regen ReNu Solar Charger

Regen ReNu is a good alternative solution to power you gadgets free of charge. The ReNu charging device has a solar panel design which could fit very well into a modern environment. The ReNu can be used to charge a variety of electronic gadgets like the iPhone, iPod or other USB devices.

Toto Ecopower: Self-Powered Infrared Electronic Faucet

Toto invented a self-powered faucet. Self-powered is a little exaggerated, because this electric faucet's sensor is powered by the electricity produced by a small turbine, located inside.

Battery Wizard Can Recharge Your Non-Rechargeable Batteries

The Battery Wizard is a new gadget that tries to re-enable batteries otherwise good to be thrown away. Of course, rechargeable batteries are always handy and ready to be charged, but for ages I've known that trying to charge a normal, single use battery ended up in an explosion.