Aquafairy's New Range of Cheap Fuel Cells for Portable Electronic Devices

Today, the commercially available devices powered by fuel cells are still pretty pricey. But Kyoto-based Aquafairy has presented a new range of affordable fuel cells for portable electronic devices.

NOKIA’s Prototype Device Charges Cell Phones Using Sound

Powering your cell phone with sound is no longer the crazy idea that Korean Researchers decided to pursue some years ago. It is now...

Waterproof Solar Powered Cell Phone by KDDI and Sharp

The waterproof solar cell phone will be sold starting with June by Japan's No.2 wireless provider, KDDI Corp. The gadget had been developed by Sharp Corp and promises carbon dioxide reduction by 80% charging from sunlight.

MIT Student Builds Electricity-Free Cooling Technology

Evaptainers is a portable cooling system, which runs solely on water and sunlight- no electricity or toxic chemicals needed. Keeping things cool is often considered kind of a...
Intel Haswell Chip 200% More Powerful, 50% More Battery Life

Intel’s Haswell Chip Family, 50% More Battery Life

Intel's new Haswell chip family reduces power consumption by 50% but increases performance by about 200%. Every three years or so, computing power density doubles, processor chip...

New Chip-Embedded CIGS Solar Cells Could Account for Pollution Reduction

Rather than using the classic approach of a solar cell and a battery, researchers from the University of Twente, the MESA Institute for Nanotechnology have developed an interesting microchip that embeds a high-efficiency solar cell.

MN103L: The Newest 32-Bit Microcomputer From Panasonic That Has Green Features

Panasonic has just announced a new type of 32-bit microcomputers specially built for saving power and for flexible designs. Their main achievement of Panasonic is a built-in flash memory, which is the biggest player in the power saving feature.

Energy Floors Transform Kinetic Energy from Dancing into Electricity

Floors which harvest kinetic energy to produce electricity have already been used in sports arenas with implementation in running tracks and fields. This development is...

75% Efficient Solar Powered Air Conditioning System

Le Lievre, co-founder and former CEO of Ausra, now founder of Chromasun, is planning to launch a very efficient solar powered air conditioning system in the first quarter of 2010.

New Material Promises Fast Energy Saving Electronics

Scientists developed a new one-atom thick material that allows fast movement of electrical charges. It can boost performance of electronics, while saving power. Scientists from...