Voltaic Spark: 8-Watt Solar Powered Carrying Case for iPads and Other Gadgets

I've been writing about Nokia testing a solar powered version of one of their cellphones just the other day, and thought it's a pretty stupid idea to apply solar cells on phones since they're kept mostly inside pockets, and they aren't transparent. Today I found out that a company called Voltaic is releasing a solar powered carrying case for tablets - the Spark.

PLX Kiwi: the Gadget Saving Your Gas Money

Kiwi reminds you all the time that gasoline is money, and you better eat some pizzas with your friends than give the oil companies money for the 5 minutes you reach your work earlier. Depending on the type of car you drive, the savings can be several hundred dollars a year, between $560 and $800, according to the company.

HP Developing Flexible Solar-Powered Wristwatch For The U.S. Army

HP has started the development of a next-generation wristwatch for the U.S. Military. The wristwatch called â€Ã…“Dick Tracy” may eliminate the need for soldiers to carry backup batteries and cumbersome technological gear.

Energy Efficient Lighting Industry Blooming in 2013

The 2012 Energy-Efficient Lighting Industry survey conducted by the leading manufacturer Precision-Paragon was released last week, indicating that the industry expects growth in energy-efficient...

IDT's Solar Powered TFT Proves Itself Cheaper and Greener

Integrated Digital Technologies Inc wants to start production of TFT displays that have solar cells embedded in them. The panels will be called "iScreen", i coming from Interactive.

Lilliputian Systems’ “Nectar” Fuel Cell Provides Gadget Power for Weeks

In a bid to help supplement the increasing power demand of today’s gadgets, Lilliputian Systems this week introduced their Nectar Mobile Power System during...

$70 Thermostat proves the power of open-source technology

Although every big corporation and patent troll would tell you otherwise, the open source model is one of the surest paths to technological innovation and progress....
Electric Vehicle Plugging In

Electric Vehicles and Smart Meters Could Save the Power Grid

In most parts of the country, the power grid is woefully out of date, which makes many people wonder if more electric vehicles will...

NOKIA’s Prototype Device Charges Cell Phones Using Sound

Powering your cell phone with sound is no longer the crazy idea that Korean Researchers decided to pursue some years ago. It is now...

Power-Saving LED Light Bulbs Can Now Transmit Data at 800 Mbps

While some people in the Philippines are glad to have sunlight in their homes during the day, scientists from the Heinrich Hertz Institute in Germany have managed to transmit data at 800 Mbps over LED light bulbs, giving them a second reason to exist, besides saving power and carbon dioxide.