Homemade Pumpkin Battery, or How to Generate Pumpkin Power

Happy Halloween, everybody! It is that time of the year again, when we have stocked up on incredible amounts of pumpkin and facial paint....

New Pyroelectric Device Transforms Heat into Electricity With 30% Efficiency

Thermoelectric devices transform waste heat into electricity and can one day provide increased efficiency for everything from small gadgets to power plants. Scott Hunter, working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) hopes his new heat-recovering invention will scavenge lost heat with an efficiency of up to 30 percent.

Einstein’s Refrigerator Using No Electricity/No Freon Revived at Oxford

It seems like Einstein did his best not only in quantum physics, but also in classic, immediately-helpful science. Back in the 1930's, helped by his friend Leo Szilard, he invented a refrigerator that used no electricity at all. Scientists from Oxford are struggling to revive his invention today.

ZTE Coral 200: The $40 Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Phone

Until now many of us know about Samsung's environment friendly phone, Blue Earth. It is made of recycled plastic, and the difference between it and other devices is that it can recharge itself, as it is equipped with solar panels.

PLX Kiwi: the Gadget Saving Your Gas Money

Kiwi reminds you all the time that gasoline is money, and you better eat some pizzas with your friends than give the oil companies money for the 5 minutes you reach your work earlier. Depending on the type of car you drive, the savings can be several hundred dollars a year, between $560 and $800, according to the company.
Gallium [Ga] Crystals

Electronics-Scavenged Gallium Responsibly Recycled by Mitsubishi

Often, recovering rare-earth elements from recycled scraps, such as scrap electronic devices or car electronics, requires processes that aren't very earth-friendly. Gallium , for...

Panasonic and Toshiba Enter The Game of LED Lighting With Straight Tube Lamps

While Compact Fluorescent Bulbs have barely been seen in various parts of the world and incandescent lighting still rules in others, two Japanese companies already want to change them for LEDs - straight tube LED lamps, which, they say, are much more economical.

Pelty: Wireless Speaker Powered Only by Candle Light

Music is one of these magical things that can relax you to an extreme level (or drive you completely insane), in a matter of...

Ikea Unveils Chic Cardboard Digital Camera

Digital cameras have had such tremendous success since their invention that anyone with a cellphone (even the cheapest ones) or a laptop has them...

HP Reduces Discarded Batteries by Making Them Last Much Longer

HP has announced a new range of notebook batteries developed by Boston Power, which will be available for 18 existing notebook models developed by the company representing approximately 70 percent of HP's consumer notebook PC portfolio and will be available with a 3-year warranty.