Nano Fibers Will Power Your iPod

Have your ever seen those self-powered mechanical watches, those who charge themselves from your hand's movement? They have one half of a heavier metal...

Scientists Found Means to Boost LED Efficiency

Researchers from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute established the reason behind the loss of efficiency of light-emitting diodesĀ (LEDs). The so-called "efficiency droop" causes as much...
plasma switch

New Plasma Switch for More Efficient Long-Distance Power Transmission

The General Electric (GE) company is developing an advanced plasma switch that will make a conversion of high-voltage DC to high-voltage AC more efficiently,...
Louisiana State University researchers say that future refrigerators absolutely need to be more efficient than today, and a new solid state element could be the key to a more efficient home.

Louisiana State University Solid State Refrigerator Could be More Efficient

Refrigeration has gone through various stages, each of them more efficient and more effective than the last, but the demand for refrigeration is set...

Apple Patents Embedded Solar Panel in Upcoming iPhones

Apple has got us used to innovations and brilliant design in all of their products, being them hardware of software. By wanting to stay on the trendy wave of being green (and possibly wanting to make a difference), Apple has filed a patent of a solar powered iPhone. But it's not the usual solar panel they dream of.

Japanese Company Suggests Use of Organic Solar Cells in Low Power Gadgets

Photovoltaic solar cells are often used in centralized power harvesting installations, generating large amounts of energy for use in the grid. Rohm Co Ltd, on the other hand, proposes the usage of organic photovoltaic solar cells (dye-sensitized cells) in small appliances and healthcare devices.

Fluorographene, The Thinnest Insulator Yet Discovered, Could Have Green Uses

Kostya Novoselov and Andre Geim from the University of Manchester, the winners of this year's Nobel Prize for Physics, found that graphene, otherwise a good thermal and electrical conductor, has quite interesting insulating properties if combined with fluoride.

Copper-Graphene Alloy Cools Electronics Better, Improves Efficiency

A new copper-graphene composite has been found to be the best solution so far for cooling electronic devices. It's known that, once they pass...