Cheaper OLED Technology Developed By German Researchers

The OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology has been known around for quite a while and lately its presence in the consumer products has been felt more intensively, though at a slower pace due to the costly manufacturing process.

Top 5 Super Green Technologies at Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 held this week in Las Vegas has provided a platform for numerous emerging inventors and established technology makers to...

Smart LED Street Lights Provide Efficient Lighting and Wireless Connectivity

Energy efficient smart LED street lights, integrating technology from Philips and Ericsson, will provide both light and 4G wireless to boost cellular data traffic. Philips...

General Electric Unveils New Hybrid Halogen-CFC Light Bulbs

General Electric has created new halogen compact fluorescent light bulbs, GE Reveal and GE Energy Smart Soft, that unlike typical fluorescents (CFLs), contain less mercury (only 1 milligram) and don't take time to warm up, being more efficient.

World's Smallest Solar Powered Sensor Invented by University of Michigan Researchers

University of Michigan engineers developed the smallest solar powered sensor system, having only 9 cubic millimeters, that can harvest energy from ambient light to operate.

New Low-Speed Wi-Fi Technology Could Help Smart Grids Evolve Faster

A company called On-Ramp Wireless invented a technology that uses the same frequencies Wi-Fi network cards use, but modulates the signal in such a manner that it doesn't get distorted by noise, such as the surrounding networks. On the contrary, the Ultra-Link Processing technology can send signals to up to 45 miles and even uses much less power to do that, enabling savings in what concerns both energy and equipment deployed on the field by utilities.

Reinventing The Transistor: TFET Technology Reaches New Efficiency Heights

Tunneling Field Effect transistors (TFETs) have been worked on for many years as an alternative to today's FETs, which are the transistors used in...

HP Developing Flexible Solar-Powered Wristwatch For The U.S. Army

HP has started the development of a next-generation wristwatch for the U.S. Military. The wristwatch called â€Ã…“Dick Tracy” may eliminate the need for soldiers to carry backup batteries and cumbersome technological gear.