DIY: How to Build a $1 Magnetic Motor With Some Screws

What you are going to see in this video is nothing you don't know. In fact, I urge any weird-science reader to try and make the device from the video below, respecting the pictured details. I'll make it myself from a hard drive plate and a used scotch tape support. Let's see how much time it works, and if it can be improved.

How to Make Biodiesel at Home With Supermarket-Procurable Chemicals

Hailed or blasphemed, the biodiesel is the cheapest and greenest alternative to the driver who doesn't have anything but a diesel-drinking car, vegetable oil,...

Free Heating – Two Effective DIY Projects

Free Heating? Really? Oh yes, and there is not only one way to get it. Here are two of them- fast, cheap, effective, and bill-free. It...

Top 10 Best Do-It-Yourself Green Projects

We all love Instructables, the site that can never let us get bored for even a second, with the numerous 'Do-It-Yourself' ideas often going...

How to Build a Home-Made Fusion Reactor (No Kidding!)

Get your white coat, your plastic gloves, glasses and turn off the lights... you have just made your first nuclear fusion reactor and you want it to work. At least that's what user Christensent suggests through a DIY posted on the site, aimed at those who want to do some exotic research.
Portable and affordable backup solar power.

Portable Solar Power and Energy Storage – Off-Road or Off-Grid for just $700

There has been a lot of talk about solar power, renewable energy, and energy storage over the last few years, and many might come...

DIY: How to Build a Solar Furnace from a Satellite Dish

This is about how to build a solar furnace out of a satellite antenna dish and mirror broken in many pieces. As you may know, satellite dishes have a focal point (that is a point in which the electromagnetic energy focuses at its maximum power).

This Net is Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

You can do a nice and colourfull net using just plastic bottles! This is just one of the many ways you can reuse plastic...
Full-Suspension E-Bike

How to Convert a Full-Suspension Bike to Electric

For sure, you know what e-bikes are, and you probably own one or have plans to buy one in the near future. Imagine driving...

DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design (VAWT) from PVC Pipes

In this consumerism ruled times, the world needs to know ways to do stuff. When electricity generation is predicted to become more expensive (it's like they predict an invasion of electric vehicles), people need to build their own power generating systems for their independence.