Friction Heater Gets Almost Free Energy From Wood – Iron Friction

If this truly works (and I don't see why it shouldn't), it is the greatest home-produced energy discovery since the wheel has been founded. Lloyd Tanner uses an incredibly simple assembly of two 4x4 inch wood pieces, and an iron wheel spinning in between.

New Nano-Device Could Power Your MP3 Player from Surrounding Sound

Tahir Cagin, from the Texas A&M University, recently discovered that a specific type of piezoelectric material could convert sound waves into electric current 100 percent more efficient than current devices, when it is manufactured at a very small size - 21 nanometers.

Precision Nanoparticles Technology to Revolutionize Solar Cells

The chemists from the Idaho National Laboratory and Idaho State University may have found the gold mine of solar energy efficiency. They invented the manufacturing of a highly precise and uniform nanopaticle that improves solar cells and further spurs the growing nanotech revolution.

Hemp-based Aircraft Fueled with Hemp Bio-diesel to Revolutionize the World

The first of its kind airplane made and powered with hemp, is due to be built next year. The concept comes from the environmentalist Derek...

New Yellow Phosphor LED Bulb is More Efficient and Economical

Typical white light-emitting diodes are extremely bright and expensive to manufacture. Their applications are also limited because of the directional nature of the...
Micro Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Innovative Micro Fuel Cell Could Power Future Electronics

The first hydrogen fuel cells , much like the first mobile phones, were large, bulky, and expensive. Technologies in various fields, such as metallurgy,...

Levitating Magnetic Wind Turbine – efficiency made in China

What could result if you combine magnetic power, wind power, and a huge-sized facility? Energy!!! It even results a lot of energy. How do...

The First Ever Solar Powered Tuk-Tuk to Take Its Inventor from India to London

If you are still questioning whether solar can supply enough power for a vehicle to go on for miles and miles, Naveen Rabelli, an...

Transparent Solar Concentrators to Produce Electricity Unnoticed

The time when solar concentrators can be placed on the surface of windows or cellphone screens, without disturbing their initial purpose, has finally come....

Chemically-Etched Black Silicon Proves Efficient Solar Cells Can Be Cheaper

While SiOnyx, a MA-based startup, uses lasers to create black silicon and improve the efficiency and price of solar cells, researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) discovered a simple chemical treatment that could replace the otherwise expensive antireflective solar cell coatings currently used in the industry.