Bill Gates Drinks Water Made From Human Feces

If there is one person we should pick, who knows how crucial access to clean drinking water and electricity in the developing world, that...

GoSun, a Solar Grill That Cooks Even On Cloudy Days

GoSun, a solar cooker that keeps grilling, baking and boiling even on a rainy day, is storming through its Kickstarter campaign. Cooking stoves, electric ovens, gas...

Plastic Solar Cells with LEDs Offer Cheap Lighting in Poor Countries

According to a study, there are about 1.5 billion people in developing countries who do not have electricity, the majority of them using kerosene lamps for light after sunset. But now, thanks to the researchers from Denmark, the lighting problem could disappear.

First Ever Superficial CO2 Turbine Turns Emissions into Power

Five of the world's greatest energy and technology giants have teamed up to construct a demonstration power plant, which will host the first ever superficial...

Barcelona’s Prefab MZ House is Energy and Cost Efficient

The aim of Calderon-Folch-Sarsanedas (CFS) Arquitectes, who are based in Barcelona, is to make "conscious" architecture which bears in mind environmental and social responsibilities. It...

Sharp Unveils LED Devices With Better Luminous Efficiency

Sharp Corp has recently unveiled an LED device that has a luminous efficiency of 91 lumens/Watt with an input power of about 25W, being used for lighting purposes.

Smartphone App Compares Different Heating Fuels, Saves Money and CO2

Mobile device applications were designed to make our lives better, so this is what Heating Fuel Comparison is doing these days: offering us valuable...

New Pyroelectric Device Transforms Heat into Electricity With 30% Efficiency

Thermoelectric devices transform waste heat into electricity and can one day provide increased efficiency for everything from small gadgets to power plants. Scott Hunter, working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) hopes his new heat-recovering invention will scavenge lost heat with an efficiency of up to 30 percent.

The First Ever Solar Powered Tuk-Tuk to Take Its Inventor from India to London

If you are still questioning whether solar can supply enough power for a vehicle to go on for miles and miles, Naveen Rabelli, an...

Clean Water Harvested From Fog by Beetle-Inspired Device

Inspired by Stenocara gracilipes, a beetle found in the Namib Desert, MIT engineer Shreerang Chhatre developed a simple and efficient device that can harvest fog. Being actually an inexpensive way to provide clean drinking water, this fog harvesting device could be perfect for poorer countries, where water scarcity is still an unsolved problem.