New Mexico Solar Power Requirement Halved by New Renewable Energy Law

New Mexico Reduces Renewable Energy Requirements – More Backwards Thinking

In order to get power producers to do their part in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, federal and many state regulations require a certain percentage...
Do You Know What the Fish and Ducks are Doing in Your Potable Water Right Now?

Ridiculous – Guy Pees in Reservoir, Portland Drains 38 Million Gallons of Potable Water

Open-air reservoirs are slowly becoming a thing of the past, judging from what Portland did to its thirty-eight million gallon reservoir of potable water...

Pedal-Powered Blender: Saving The World One Carrot at a Time

After so much seriousness, let's try and take a look at something else, a new invention that will surely change the way we live, think, and act during our irresponsible ride to the grocery store.
Electric Vehicles Don't Reduce Emissions

Research Says Electric Vehicles Don’t Reduce Emissions?

Fuzzy math is hard at work in North Carolina State University, specifically the engineering department, which released the results of a study that basically...

Logitech's Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard: Pointless Green In a Plastic Case

A solar powered keyboard has been launched by Logitech yesterday. Not only it will announce you through a special software that it needs recharging, the innovative keyboard also saves precious power... in vain.
Washington State Representative Ed Orcutt Wants to Tax Cyclists - For Their Carbon Emissions?

Fuzzy Math, Washington State Wants to Tax Cyclist Carbon Emissions

That's right, Washington State wants to tax cyclists for their use of the roads, citing carbon emissions and the fact they pay no gas...

Danish Hotel Gives Free Meal to Anyone Cycling for 15 Minutes in Their Gym

While pointless as a way to really change something in the course of pollution reduction, a Danish hotel found a way to both motivate their customers to go green by pedaling and give them a free $36 meal voucher.
Summerhill Group's Contest in Toronto Teaches Commuters How to Curb Emissions and Win

Learn to Curb Emissions and Win Free Gas in Toronto, Canada

In an effort to educate consumers to curb emissions and the benefits of cleaner transportation, the Toronto nonprofit, Summerhill Group, is giving away free...

Designers Create Illuminating Art Powered by Goebacter-Generated Electricity

You know a concept is brilliant when even artists want to use it in their special collections and shows. This year, a surprising number...
Yes, I know all about electric vehicles, how about this full-size SUV, instead?

Dealerships Would Rather Not Sell Electric Vehicles – Consumer Reports

As it turns out, just reading The Green Optimistic makes you better qualified to sell electric vehicle than the average new car dealership sales...