Burning tires – That’s totally renewable energy, right?

Backfire – Michigan Says Burning Tires is a Renewable Energy Source

“Tire burning” and “Renewable Energy” doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense to me, especially considering that tires are made from synthetic...
New Mexico Solar Power Requirement Halved by New Renewable Energy Law

New Mexico Reduces Renewable Energy Requirements – More Backwards Thinking

In order to get power producers to do their part in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, federal and many state regulations require a certain percentage...
Electric Vehicles "Not Worth Mentioning" in "International Auto Show?"

You Guys REALLY Don’t Like Selling Electric Vehicles, Do You?

With the introduction of the first commercially-successful electric vehicles, things have started to change in how vehicles are sold. Of course, we’re not talking about...

Do Africans Plan to Produce Energy by Pulling a Roll After Them?

An african inventor, by his name Cedrick Ngalande, has invented a device called the Green Erg, that could harness the pulling force of a person or moving vehicle, and convert some of it into electricity. Though I don't see his invention any soon on any European or US market, it seems some say that it will have a great success in Africa, there where you have to make electricity out of anything.
North Dakota Natural Gas Flares Seen from Space

North Dakota Light Pollution Seen From Space UPDATED

When looking at satellite photos of the earth taken at night, it is easy to see urban areas as brights spots in a sea...

World's Shortest Range EV Features New Li-Ion Capacitor As Power Source

FDK Corporation in collaboration with Takayanagi Co Ltd has developed a new single-seater electric vehicle. The electric car is also equipped with a lithium ion capacitor that, according to the two companies, is able to charge it in under a minute. This could be the reason why the car has a range of just 5 km per charge.

Pedal-Powered Blender: Saving The World One Carrot at a Time

After so much seriousness, let's try and take a look at something else, a new invention that will surely change the way we live, think, and act during our irresponsible ride to the grocery store.
BMW i3, the Only EREVE you Shouldn't Use as an EREV?

BMW i3 Range-Extender “Not For Regular Use”?

With all the great ideas that go into a BMW, such as those that make up the new BMW i3, one little piece of...

Designers Create Illuminating Art Powered by Goebacter-Generated Electricity

You know a concept is brilliant when even artists want to use it in their special collections and shows. This year, a surprising number...

A Different Way of Having Turkey for Thanksgiving

So what’s Thanksgiving without the turkey?  I guess that vegans are missing out on the fun, or then again maybe not.  And we’re not...