North Dakota Natural Gas Flares Seen from Space

North Dakota Light Pollution Seen From Space UPDATED

When looking at satellite photos of the earth taken at night, it is easy to see urban areas as brights spots in a sea...
Toyota Prius vs Caveman

Toyota Prius / Harley Davidson Abomination Found on eBay

There are Toyota Prius drivers who thumb their noses at Hummer H3 drivers, and there are Ford F750 Drivers who thumb their noses at...

Logitech's Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard: Pointless Green In a Plastic Case

A solar powered keyboard has been launched by Logitech yesterday. Not only it will announce you through a special software that it needs recharging, the innovative keyboard also saves precious power... in vain.
Electric Vehicles Don't Reduce Emissions

Research Says Electric Vehicles Don’t Reduce Emissions?

Fuzzy math is hard at work in North Carolina State University, specifically the engineering department, which released the results of a study that basically...

A Different Way of Having Turkey for Thanksgiving

So what’s Thanksgiving without the turkey?  I guess that vegans are missing out on the fun, or then again maybe not.  And we’re not...
Hydrogen Fuel has a Dark Side, but Solar Power Could be The Rebellion

Solar Powered Hydrogen Fuel – The Rebellion

Hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles have one very important thing in common: they’re both emissions-free sort of. While it’s true that hydrogen fuel...
Wood, the Stone Age Answer to Our 21st Century Carbon Dioxide Problem?

Can Coal-Burning Plants Burn Wood to Reduce CO2 Emissions?

Coal-burning adds to carbon dioxide emissions at an astonishing rate, releasing carbon dioxide that was sequestered millions of years ago. Coal-burning also releases a lot...

The Stirling Racer: Nice But Expensive Stirling Engine Toy Powered By The Sun

It's nice for a toy, but difficult to understand when it comes to explaining the true greenness of this invention. A stirling engine-powered toy just hit the market recently, combining a 194-year-old engine concept touted today for its fuel flexibility with solar power-the baby that modern science wants to grow.
BASF - Global Leader in Chemical Production

Is There Really a “Greener” Hydrogen, BASF?

Mention hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and two opposites immediately spring to my mind. First, HFC vehicles are, in themselves, emissions-free. On the other...

SOccket – A Soccer Ball That Generates and Stores Renewable Energy

A group of students at the Harvard University have come up with an ingenious idea that could change the lives of African people. They have developed an energy harvesting soccer ball called sOccket that is able to produce electric energy when being kicked around.