Foxconn Electronics Manufacturer to Build Electric Vehicles, Too

Foxconn to Build Affordable Electric Vehicles in China

Tesla Motors isn’t the only tech company with an interest in electric vehicles, and will soon be joined, at least in China, by tech...
Tesla Motors' Tesla Model S Trunk, Soon to be Seen Rolling Out of Ohio

Ohio ADA Amendment, Blocking Tesla Motors, is Defeated

Ohio Senate Bill 137 seems innocuous enough, requiring drivers to leave the lane open between traffic and highway maintenance crews, until you read the...

OPOC: The Two-Stroke Engine Revived by Michigan Company Is Cleaner and More Efficient

EcoMotors, a Troy, Michigan startup company revitalizes the two-stroke engine, making it 50 percent more efficient than currently-used four-stroke engines and less polluting. Even Bill Gates and Khosla Ventures invested a total of $23.5 million in them.

China’s Electric Car Scandal Could Happen in the U.S.

Every economic system has an ugly reality and communist countries like China are no exception. An electric car scandal that recently surfaced was unexpected,...
Electric vehicles could cut the heat in Beijing.

Electric Vehicles Could Reduce Summer City Emissions, say Researchers

We already know that electric vehicles can significantly reduce emissions, merely by virtue of the fact that they can be recharged via renewable energy,...

Toyota Dealers Prefer Selling Hybrids over EVs

Electric vehicles have a lot going for them, most notably minimal fuel costs and minimal carbon-dioxide emissions. Unfortunately, they don't seem to hitting...

31% Efficient Stirling Engines Used to Convert 1.5MW of Arizona Solar Power

Stirling engines are known to mankind for about 200 years but they are not so widely used today, except maybe for the pacemakers and long-distance robotic spacecrafts. This will soon change as 60 stirling engines will be used in Phoenix, Arizona, to harvest solar power which will be converted into electricity.

Almost-Overunity Motor Generator Recovers Back EMF

Every electric motor has a force that opposes the propelling electromagnetic field inside it, called "Back EMF". Thane Heins succeeded to recover this back-EMF and, instead of letting it cause resistance, he transformed it into useful power. This claim has brought him opposition for many years from the scientific community, because it seems to violate Lenz's law.
Myth - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Refueling Stations are Too Expensive!

Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth Seven – Hydrogen Fuel Stations are Too Expensive!

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, just like hybrid electric vehicles and conventional vehicles, would require refueling stations, but aren’t they too expensive to build? Like all...

SiGNa Claims to Have Developed New Electric Bike That Uses Water to Run

A new and impressive technology for electric bicycles has been developed by SiGNa. The innovative product runs on water for a distance of about 100 kilometers on a single charge.