Nissan Taking a More ‘Radical’ Approach to Future EV Design

While it is certain that Nissan is ahead of the game when it comes to the transition to electric vehicles, their current Leaf design...

First Volt Hybrid in Europe – Opel Ampera at Geneva Motor Show

Remember the article about the GM's Chevrolet Volt? Not much time has passed and now Opel is talking about their hybrid car, Opel Ampera, created on the same technology as Volt. The new car will be released at 2009's..

GreenGT LMPH2: All-Electric Race Car To Attend The 24-Hours LeMans

Swiss automaker GreenGT has recently unveiled an all-electric race car dubbed GreenGT LMPH2, that is planned to take part of an experimental race class of the upcoming 2012 LeMans.

EKZ's Software Manages Whether Your EV Charges With Renewable Energy or Not

Swiss people have traditionally been very precise, civilized and conscious (one can even say eco-conscious, judging by how their country runs). Now, a Swiss...
EO smart connectin car 2

EO Smart Connecting Car 2 – Social Electric Car That Can Drive Sideways

The Robotics Innovation Centre (RIC), of the Artificial Intelligence Research giant DFKI (German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence), has developed the EO smart connecting...

Tata Motors Planning to Launch Two New Electric Vehicles in European Countries

The vehicles will first be launched in the United Kingdom as early as September and then in the Scandinavian nations (Sweden, Norway and Denmark). According to the company, both cars are at an advanced stage of development.
CODA Automotive Out Its Way Out, Miles and Lio Want No Part of It

CODA Automotive Subsidiaries File for Bankruptcy Protection

By now, it seems like electric vehicle make the news more often for failure than for success, such as a recent announcement by CODA...

Terrafugia’s TF-X is World’s First Flying Hybrid Car

As if putting their very first flying car through its paces was not enough, Terrafugia have recently revealed plans to build a hybrid flying...
Tesla Gigafactory - A Big Deal in the Works

States Competing for Tesla Gigafactory to Build Within Their Borders

Economically speaking, the Tesla Gigafactory promises to be a boon to, not only Tesla Motors, but also to whichever state Tesla Motors ends up...
Honda MC-β, Mini Electric Vehicle for the Future Smart-Home

Honda MC-β Mini Electric Vehicle Showing at Tokyo Motor Show

This year's Tokyo Motor Show promises to have some of the most advanced ideas in electric vehicles, including how they fit into future smart-homes. For...