VoltAir Electric Airplane Presented At Paris Air Show 2011

Hybrid and electric cars are just the first step in the electrification of everything that moves us. VoltAir, presented at last week's Paris Air Show, is the next-generation electric airplane that may carry us between continents by 2035.

1905 Electric Vehicle Sold at Auction in Denmark

The last surviving 1905 Woods Queen Victoria Brougham electric vehicle was sold at auction in Denmark for $95,000. More interestingly, the museum-on-wheels can still be...

Ford Prodigy: The 80 MPG Diesel Hybrid Car Built in The 1990s

So it's possible to build an 80 mpg (2.3 L/100km) car, with all the accessories it needs, and still claim it can't be done. This pisses me off. The Ford Prodigy concept, unveiled in 2000 at the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) in Detroit, featured such savings and, above all these, it was a hybrid!
Tesla Model S Final Inspection is World Class

Tesla Model S Quality Control, World Class Final Inspection

After a client places their order for a new Tesla Model S, there's typically a two- to three-month wait until they take delivery of...
Tesla Model S [left], Green or Not?

Just How Green are the Tesla Model S and Other Electric Vehicles?

The Tesla Model S, as with all electric vehicles, has zero tailpipe emissions. We all know that, since there is no tailpipe, but what...
Electric vehicles should pay their fair share, but how?

Electric Vehicles and the Future of Paying for the National Highway System

For decades, it seems that the best way to unobtrusively pay for, at least the maintenance of, the national highway system has been to...
Yellowstone National Park Research Facility to be Powered By Spent Toyota Camry Hybrid Battery Packs

Toyota Hybrid Battery Packs Repurposed to Power Yellowstone National Park

All rechargeable batteries degrade in performance over time, even the NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) hybrid battery pack in the Toyota Camry Hybrid Still, that doesn’t mean...

Toyota's New Compressed Air-Powered Vehicle Reaches 80.3 MPH

Toyota Industries has successfully developed a compressed air-powered vehicle dubbed Ku:Rin that was able to reach a top speed of 129.2km/h (80.3 mph) during...
Achates Power is based on the 1930s German Aircraft Company Junkers Jumo 205 Opposed-Piston Diesel Engine

Achates Power’s Diesel Engine Could be Twice as Efficient

The Achates Power engine could be twice as efficient than today's best engines, and could be used for the Army. A few months ago, we discussed...

Future Th!nk Electric Car Will Feature Specially Designed Gearbox

Th!nk, the electric car from Norway, has started a relationship with Oerlikon Graziano, who makes gearboxes. So, they designed a special gearbox, the only one at this time made specially for electric vehicles. With this gearbox, th!nk wil have the most efficient transmission system, would not waste energy on useless rpm, and run quietly.