Air-Powered Motorbike Coming From Indian Students

The high population of India makes for the pollution to be high as well. So, if there is any place on Earth where electric vehicles are needed, then it's there. Aware of this situation, a handful of engineering students in Palwal City, Haryana state have conceived an oxygen-run motorbike, which they claim is a discovery in the field.

Scientists to Build a New Motorcycle Engine powered by Compressed Air

According to the researchers, if this technology will be widely implemented, mostly in areas where motorcycles are a major source of public transportation, it could cut emissions substantially.

First Ever Full-Size Air-Powered LEGO Car Hits the Streets of Melbourne

All you need is 500,000 Lego bricks, and you can have a brand new air-powered full-sized car, that moves as fast as a scooter....

Tata Motors is Expected to Release an Air-Powered Nano

For those who don't now, Nano is a car from the Indian company Tata Motors. This mini car would sell at $2500 and will have new green features that would please many eco-savvy people. As some latest news say, Tata will release an air-powered model, running a compressed air engine from MDI Enterprises.

MDI Cat’s Air Engines Unveiled

MDI has developed a high performance compressed air technology. When it is compared to traditional gasoline powered engines, MDI´s engine is far superior in...

E.Volution – the air powered car

Within the next two years, you could see the first air-powered vehicle motoring through your town. Most likely, it will be the e.Volution car...

Engineair's Ultra-Efficient Compressed Air Motor

Elegant minimalist design eliminates most of the working parts traditionally associated with internal combustion engine; offers nearly 100% energy efficiency for a variety of...

The Magnetic Air Car: a Step Towards Free Energy Devices?

San Jose's West Coast Green conference from last week had a point of attraction: the world's first fuel-less car, made by Magnetic Air Car. They even say it will be produced beginning with 2010.

Air Hybrid Cars Could Be Cheaper Than Those Based on Electricity

According to Swedish researchers, storing energy as compressed air rather than in batteries would reduce the price of hybrid cars. Some hybrid and electric vehicles are already using brake energy to activate a generator that charges the batteries.

Honda Air: The Compressed-Air Sportscar at LA Auto Show's Design Challenge

Honda, aside from making their cars good shapes, participates to design challenges like that from the LA Auto Show, presenting their compressed-air Honda Air.