Air Powered Motors: Small as Watermelons, More Efficient than Diesel

If you watch The Green Optimistic you already know that we covered air cars in previous posts, both MDI CAT's and the Angelo DiPietro air motor. The first time we wrote about these inventions was about 6 months ago. Now, MDI and Angelo DiPietro have contracts all over the world with auto makers to sell them the compressed air technology so automakers do what they do best: cars.

Air Powered Motoscooter

The TV presenter Jem Stansfield modified this small moped to function on compressed air stored in two high pressure carbon fiber tanks, like the...

Tata Motors is Expected to Release an Air-Powered Nano

For those who don't now, Nano is a car from the Indian company Tata Motors. This mini car would sell at $2500 and will have new green features that would please many eco-savvy people. As some latest news say, Tata will release an air-powered model, running a compressed air engine from MDI Enterprises.

François Gissy’s Compressed Air/Water Motorcycle Accelerates in 0.5s to 62mph

When it comes to acceleration, most cars are allright. Teslas are OK, Formula1 cars are better but there's one more thing beating them: an...

How a Slotted Disk Turbine Engine Works

Introduction. The purpose of this paper is to offer the reader some insight into how a bladeless steam turbine can be constructed and used. The...

AirPod: Powered by Compressed Air, Greener than Electrics, Ready for Sale

Can you remember MDI Cat? They're the company who designed an engine powered completely by compressed air a few years ago. It looks like they gathered funding from a Tata Motors venture and are now developing a new and more efficient vehicle: the AirPod.