Ford’s Electric Vehicle Plans Unveiled at NAIAS in Detroit

North American International Auto Show in Detroit brought in sight several car companies interested in hybrid and electric cars. Ford Motor Co in planning by 2011 to implement fully electric cars that have an autonomy of at least 160 km on a single charge. Ford will also offer gas-electric hybrid cars by 2012.
Tesla Motors Pride, Doubtful any of These Owners will Take Advantage of Tesla Buyback Guarantee

Tesla Motors Buyback Guarantee and the $37,000 Tesla Model S

A few months ago, we talked about a Tesla Motors buyback guarantee, which sounds really great for any customers who decide after three years...

International Survey Suggests People Won't Pay Extra for EVs, See Why

Even though car manufacturers are constantly improving the batteries that they put in electric cars, people are not yet convinced to pay more for...
GM Ultralite Concept 1992

General Motors’ 100 mpg Car – The Platinum Anniversary That Could Have Been

In 1992, I built my first PC, the same year Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Works hit the market. Bill Clinton became President of the...

Rumour Saying Toyota Collaborates With Daimler for Exporting Hybrid Tech to Mercedes

The German automaker had also signed contracts with Renault-Nissan and BMW, joining efforts to bring hybrid cars to their maximum efficiency. The collaboration would also cover fuel cell vehicles and other next-generation concepts.
SupplierBusiness Infographic - Where Does the Tesla Model S Come From?

The Tesla Model S has Many Suppliers – Infographic

The Tesla Model S is one of the most advanced vehicles on the road today, thanks to its completely in-house battery and electric motor...

Lighter Ford Vehicles Using Bubble-Infused Plastic

People rarely think about it, but going green could also mean going light: you can turn any vehicle in the right direction by simply making their component parts a little less heavy. It doesn't sound like a bad idea, but the first thought that pops into your head is: I am losing something by doing this?
Renewable Bamboo Could Improve Vehicle Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy Could be Improved by Renewable Bamboo Composite

As automakers strive to improve the fuel economy of the vehicle fleet, a number of methods, from more-efficient powertrains to lightweight materials, have been...

Audi Increases Fuel Economy by Monitoring Traffic Lights

How you drive has just as much impact on your fuel economy as what you drive, and Audi Traffic Light Recognition could help drivers...
End of the line for Toyota RAV4 EV

Is This The End of The Line for Toyota RAV4 EV?

Toyota’s stance on electric vehicles seems to be clear, so the end of the Toyota RAV4 EV doesn’t really come as a shock. Instead, Toyota...