To say hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are ultimately powered by fossil fuels is a bit misleading.

Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth Eight – Hydrogen Fuel IS Emissions Intensive

Some have pointed at fuel cell vehicles as yet another in a slew of “greenwashed” vehicles, but a careful consideration of the facts should...
Tesla Model S is Now [slightly] Easier to Finance

Tesla Model S Just Got Affordable: $580 a Month!

Considering Tesla Motors is not for the faint-of-wallet, to be sure, but then, the Tesla Model S is a high-tech luxury vehicle. The base Tesla...
Tesla Motors Puts Protective Measures in Place to Protect the Battery Pack

Tesla Motors says “Shields Up!” Adds More Protection for Battery Pack

After three Tesla Model S fires last year, some have been wondering if electric vehicles truly have a place in our transportation future. Tesla...
Are Tesla Stores Threatening Automobile Dealers?

Tesla Motors vs Minnesota Automobile Dealers, Tesla Wins First Round

Last week, Tesla Motors won the first round against the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association, but the fight isn't over yet. Most states have laws that...

Agreement Between Toyota and Tesla Motors to Materialize With 2 Prototypes by End of...

Often seen as having the closest resemblance with the Iron Man, Elon Musk has brought Paypal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity to their best, and now, in the middle of a financial crisis, is trying to make his deal with Toyota work, and have the first electric car designed by both on the market as soon as possible.

New Power Diode Could Improve Hybrid Cars Technology

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed these days a new power diode that can withstand temperatures above 400 degrees Celsius.
Diesel Emissions Associated with Human Health Risks

Human Health Risks Associated with Diesel Fumes, EU to Slash Emissions

Diesel-powered vehicles are inherently more efficient and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions, which is good news for those concerned about climate change. On the...
Funny, Tesla Model S "Problem" Solved by a Little Tamper-Proof Tape

Tesla Model S Lemon Lawsuit, Sounds Like Nonsense to Me

Given the accolades that Tesla Motors and the flagship Tesla Model S have garnered, it might come as a shock that a lawyer has...
German BMW and Chinese Brilliance Partnering to Build Zinoro Electric Vehicles

BMW to Build Zinoro Electric Vehicles in China

BMW is partnering with Chinese company Brilliance to manufacture and sell electric vehicles in China under a new brand, Zinoro. The world's fastest growing car...

Chevy Volt's Drivetrain: A Big Lie From GM, Or A Last-Second Desperate Measure?

Politicians lie, husbands lie, wives lie, even your local grocer lies about something, sometimes, to get his merchandise sold. If everybody lies, why shouldn't GM? The fact is, if you haven't already heard, that GM promised for years that they'll have an electric car coming with the Chevy Volt.