In Spite of Lagging Economy, Plug-In Vehicles Top October Sales

Since 2007, the beginning of the recession in the US, automobile manufacturers have been facing ever decreasing sales numbers, consistently posting in the red...

For Green Geeks: GM Cooperating With Google to Install Android on Volt

GM is currently in talks with Google for a joint venture to develop an integrated car system based on the Android OS, of which you may have heard lately. They also say Android is going to be animating Chevy Volt's interface.
Tesla Motors Direct Sales Won't Get Federal Help

Dear Tesla Motors Fans, “You Have to Resolve This On State Level.” Sincerely, The...

Unlike every other automaker in the United States (we say US, because no other country on the planet has such ridiculous protectionist laws) Tesla...

Hold Your Horses, Ferrari Releases Hybrid Supercar this Holiday Season

As it is, the LaFerrari was already a beast of a car at 963 horsepower.  But the folks at Ferrari had other ideas, they...

New York on Most Ambitious Carbon Reduction Plan

New York state lawmakers passed one of the world's most ambitious laws aimed at countering climate change, under which fossil fuel power plants and...

Rumour Saying Toyota Collaborates With Daimler for Exporting Hybrid Tech to Mercedes

The German automaker had also signed contracts with Renault-Nissan and BMW, joining efforts to bring hybrid cars to their maximum efficiency. The collaboration would also cover fuel cell vehicles and other next-generation concepts.

Capabilities for Automotive Research: Consortium Aimed At Finding Solutions For Future Cars

An international 11-member consortium, named Capabilities for Automotive Research have just launched ten research projects aimed at developing the technology necessary for future electric/hybrid vehicles.

New Power Diode Could Improve Hybrid Cars Technology

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed these days a new power diode that can withstand temperatures above 400 degrees Celsius.

New NHTSA Law Addresses Pedestrian Safety – Electrified Vehicle “Alert Sound”

One selling point that some use to attract buyers to electrified vehicles is their wonderful silence. In a hybrid electric vehicle , the internal...

Secret Renault Data Regarding EV Development Leaked by Top Managers

Renault SA is expected to take legal action against three of its top managers as a company secret disclosure scandal erupts. Apparently the information leakage involves the electric-vehicle technology, thus relating Japanese partner Nissan to the matter, not to mention the French state which owns 15% of Renault.